Day 136: No place like home

Mom got to come home today.

That’s the headline. I did some narration work to start the day off, and by the time I got to go see my mom in the late morning, she was bright eyed and bushy tailed and reporting that she felt “much better.” After a trip over to the pharmacy for me (something that would be a theme today), I returned to find out that her doctors agreed with her; she was ready to go home.

So, today was a day of getting her all set up back at the trailer for what will be another week of recovery here, followed by several more weeks of recovery up north at our real home.

Writing tonight’s blog on my iPhone, which is weird. But the A’s spring training game that was broadcast tonight on the home station is playing on my iPad, so you know, priorities. I’d been hoping to watch it tonight, but no dice. The aforementioned pharmacy trips put the kibosh on that. Is that really how you spell kibosh? Autocorrect did that. I never knew.

Anyway, that’s all I really have to report. Mom’s doing well so far. Need to monitor her blood pressure and she has some stuffiness in her ears sometimes, and nausea to watch out for…sounds like a lot, but it’s actually all manageable.

Man, I’m exhausted. Don’t think there will be an image for tonight. Hopefully more to say tomorrow night. See you then.