Day 138: Rubber Band Incident

Day 138: Rubber Band Incident

We snapped a rubber band tonight during the last drug/session. Perfect timing, right? At the very end of the day when I’m ready to go snuggle with my pillow. I had visions of heading into the hospital to meet with our poor doctor, getting back to the trailer for bed, finally, after 3 or 4 hours, which is what trips to the hospital *always* seem to take, no matter large issue or small.

Turns out that the rubber bands aren’t critical in an emergency kind of way. Doc says she’s okay to wait till Monday, when we’re scheduled to see him anyway, to get the bands readjusted and attached.


They’re there mostly, says he, to retrain her muscles to the new position of her jaw. They’re not holding anything in place. So, that is awesome. Emergency diverted. He also sounded quite happy with how she was doing so far, and I am too. The walks have been robust, she hasn’t been too overly sleepy, and her fluid intake is awesome. We were over 1000mL today with minimal indigestion. And, we got her nose much more clear today. She can pretty much breathe through it while sleeping.

Those are the details without going into the details 😛

But yeah, she’s doing very well. Only area that we really can improve on is in the pain department. The meds she on for that make her pretty drowsy, so she really tries to take as little as possible, and that’s come back to bite us in the ass at a couple points. Pain getting up to uncomfortable levels. It’s going back down quickly enough, but Doc says that what she’s on really isn’t that strong to begin with, so we should try and stick with full doses. Stay AHEAD of the pain.

I got work done today, for the first time since coming up here, so that was awesome. And managed to do it with some broken up erratic sleep to boot. So, I was happy with that. Planning to be here for another four full days, so that’s the goal. Get done essentially what I got done today for the next four days, and I’ll be in decent shape. It will be *possible* to end the month at a regular level of work output.

The writing there simply isn’t any time for right now. Which bums me out. But I’m quite literally putting in 8-10 hours every day taking care of my mom, with meds, food, and walks. We get up and do that every four hours from 9am to 9pm, and each session takes consistently two hours. Then add to that the 6 hours of work I need to get done, and that’s completely filled up the day. With no time for stopping and eating either. The days have flown by.

But I feel chipper tonight. Happy with her progress, and happy I got work done.

See you guys tomorrow!

Tonight’s artwork is courtesy of RondoFM.