Day 139: Le Tired

Day 139: Le Tired

Today was a good, busy day, and I am freaking exhausted as I type this.

Mom continues to improve. She’s eating a lot more food, we went for a walk in the park down by the South Bay where we watched RC airplane enthusiasts take their prized planes for a spin, and then went and saw Liz’s parents for a genuinely nice dinner.

Now, I sit in bed, and hope that my mom sleeps later than her usual 5am so that I can catch up on some sleep. My UP24 band was yelling at me today about not getting enough sleep. But, we did hit the 10,000 steps goal today for the first time since traveling up here.

I realize that a lot of these entries since coming up here have been pretty garbage, short garbage, but it’s literally a result of 18 hour days of pretty much non-stop and 6 hours of sleep. I just get wasted by the time I’m sitting up here in bed.

So, suffice it to say that I’m extremely grateful I’ve been able to come up and help my mom get on her feet after a pretty serious surgery, and also that I’m extremely grateful that soon I will be heading home to restart my normal life. And do more entertaining, fun blog entries 😛

Good night suckas. Till tomorrow around this time.