Day 140: Brushing makes me pee

Day 140: Brushing makes me pee

Yup. You heard it here first, folks. Brushing my teeth makes me pee.

I don’t know how it started, what fleeting impulse took root in my brain, but I’ve sat down at the end of the night to pee with my Sonicare toothbrush buzzing away in my hand for long enough that now, tonight, I was standing in my parents’ travel trailer brushing my teeth, and all the sudden my bladder was screaming at me to sit on the pot like I normally do.

I am Pavlov’s dog, apparently. Also, apparently, I like to write entire paragraphs that are one long, giant run-on sentence with a bunch of commas instead of periods. See Exhibit A above.

This sleeping 6 hours a night thing is catching up to me, obviously 😛

For reals, I am starting to get quite tired. It’s not to the exhaustion point yet where I can’t think or do anything, but it’s definitely at that stage where if you sit or lay down for more than 5 minutes, you will 100% fall asleep. That kind of tired.

Mom continues to improve. We saw the doctor today, and he was quite pleased with how her recovery is going. Says that they’re very happy with the result, and glad to hear that breathing-wise their optimism is bearing out in real-life. We tried to go off the narcotic pain meds today, which proved a bit premature. But, we also discovered that the new non-narcotic pain med is much better at dealing with her tissue inflammation, so we’re going to try a custom-made mix tomorrow of how much of each to take together so we get the benefits of both. Now, mind you, completely within the prescription. Can’t go over your prescription, that’s a recipe for disaster, for reals, but we also don’t want to take full doses of both at the same time, since that would be hard on her liver. You have to space it out. So, it’s less than the prescribed amount of each, but combined should provide an optimal balance of pain-free-ness. That’s the goal. I’m glad we went over that and we’re all on the same page.

She’s also starting to feel much more like her normal self, albeit more easily tired. Which is rather miraculous, actually. Just a week ago tonight, she was in the ICU, intubated and having a hard time breathing through the blood from surgery. A *week* ago. Shake my head at that. She’s really recovering quite well. Very motivated to recover, which makes a huge difference. As a nurse, she knows the difference between those patients who get well the fastest, and it’s the ones who *try* to get better. Who get up, move around, take their meds on time, eat as much as possible, and try to be as positive and actively engaged with their surroundings as possible. So, ya, she’s nailing that part of it.

Of course, setbacks can occur in any circumstance; those you don’t have control over, they just happen. But, those aren’t really worth thinking about, are they, by their very nature.

Had a spirited conversation with my dad about politics, which sounds like a disaster, but it wasn’t. He’s very patient, and I try to be, too, and that’s really all that’s necessary to have a debate about things you don’t agree on and not come across as a dick to the other person. There’s so much talking down that happens on stuff like that, which makes sense because you feel like you’re right. But, I try to recognize as much as I can that the other person feels exactly the same way, and if you can be sensitive to that between the two of you in the conversation, real listening happens.

I love my dad. He has what I think are some odd views on the world we live in, but whatever. He’s entitled to his opinion. I wouldn’t try to take that away from him, which so many talking heads seem to want to do to whomever they disagree with. Sure, try to persuade, but never take or demand. That’s motherfucking freedom, guys, at least when it comes to debate. Then, once we debate, we determine consensus, and we move on.

Anywho, my eyelids just became lead weights, which means it’s time to work out or sleep. And I’ve done enough eye curls today, so I’m going option two.

Eye curls…not having the ring I was hoping for…eye crunches? That sounds like a fucking disease. “Billy, stop rubbing like that, you’ll get eye crunches.” No, I think eyes curls is as good as it gets, unfortunately.

This blog ends with a whimper. A tired, unmanly whimper. Damn you all.

Tonight’s amazing jet-powered toothbrush schematic is courtesy of Jepray.