Day 141: Spotify

Day 141: Spotify

I showed my Dad the wonders of Spotify tonight. He was like a teenager listening to his “old” rock music. I put the quotations because that music isn’t really old to him, nor is it old in any objective sense either, considering music has been around for forever.

I freaking love my Spotify account. It’s incredible to have the entire music library of everything literally seconds away from your ears at any given time. It’s an absolutely incredible thing, and it has no match right now in any other discipline. TV and movies are still a long way away from being consolidated into one place or service. Books, perhaps, come close with the Kindle and such, but even those can’t compare because we’re not paying one price for all of them. Even news on the internet can’t compare, because Spotify is also the entire back-catalogue of music, not just today’s stuff.

Sure, there are limits. Spotify doesn’t have Beyonce’s latest, for example. That’s because she did an exclusive deal with iTunes. Spotify also doesn’t have a lot of music pre-1950’s. That’s because those records were largely re-consolidated into compilations during the early stages of the digital age (read CD’s) and we get the “greatest hits” cherry picking of those eras. So, it’s obviously not the literal entire history of music. But in terms of that all-history catalogue that has been conserved and digitized, Spotify has almost freaking all of it.

Again, it’s unprecedented and unmatched.

Mom’s day today was a little more rough than the last few have been; she has this ear pain that’s being stubborn, and the medicine that helps with that, specifically, is only allowed to be taken every six hours (as opposed to every 4, like the other pain med). By the time that fourth hour rolls around, she’s getting pretty uncomfortable and we still have two hours to go before we can take more meds. She also snapped two of her rubber bands again today, so I have to call the Doc’s office in the AM and make sure we can get them reattached before I drive home. Ie- Mom can’t be driving herself.

So, that’s a little stressful. But, the good news is that otherwise, she’s doing better than expected. When the pain meds are working in perfect tandem, she’s practically normal, like nothing even happened. So, that’s good. Her body is reasserting itself with vigor, and than can only lead to an even speedier recovery.

Tomorrow, I drive back to LA for a couple days off, and then a freaking marathon of trying to get work done. I feel much less guilty this time around for being in such a position this late in the month, but I also feel just about as stressed because it still needs to get done 😛

At least I’m not dealing with being sick, not knowing when my immune system will get back to normal and I finally have energy again. The energy is good right now. It’s just the sleep schedule that’s getting fucked. That ends tomorrow. See my Ho, my Coopy, and my bed. In that order.

Peace out!

Oh, and ps – ALSO…jetpack updated last night after my blog post, and they say this update should FINALLY fix the publicize app that auto posts these to tumblr, twitter, and facebook…so perhaps you’re reading this blog post as the first one in, like, weeks because it finally showed up in your feed. Welcome back. We missed you.