Day 143: Spreadeagle

Day 143: Spreadeagle

I just asked Liz what the position spreadeagle was and she laughed at me. And then looked it up and found a picture of a figure skater on wikipedia, which is, in itself, amazing.

It was the position I’d been picturing, it had just been used in a context that didn’t quite make sense. More from the adventures into “Mindhunter.”

The Ho and I got to catch up tonight, finally, on the latest in the serial killer TV world, with the season finale of True Detective and the latest two episodes of Hannibal.

True Detective had its ups and downs. It certainly didn’t peak with this finale episode of the season; that happened a few weeks ago with the projects botched biker gang grab. But, there was still quite a bit to like. I won’t spoil really much with specifics, but ol’ George Remus from Boardwalk is a worthy villain, and the setting for the showdown is pretty cool, as well as the confrontation. I will also say, again without giving away any specifics for those who haven’t seen the show, that the final scene was almost *definitely* tacked on “after the fact.” I virtually guarantee it. It didn’t match with the tone, development of our characters, and actually made use of a green screen for one of the angles. I was disappointed. But, that aside, I am still very, very much interested to see what they do with it next season.

Hannibal, likewise, was a mixed bag. They’re making some delicious choices for this season, but there’s also some ham-handedness going on, too. But, like True Detective, they get really right what they need to get right. I feel like that’s an important aspect of a successful TV show; you’re dealing with constructing content that you can’t *always* get everything just the way you want it, so you get right what you must get right. As long as you can do that, you’ll keep people coming back to catch those times when everything comes together. Identity. Know who your show is.

I slept for most of the day today, and I mean *slept*. I was out. Obviously this last week was a wee bit tiring.

Liz just grabbed my wrist with the UP band on it, jiggled it around, then asked me giggling if I masturbated, would the UP band record it as walking. I also just learned that any time that Atlantis is in a book, there are always Nazis involved. I’ve learned so much in five seconds, my head hurts with knowledge.

Took Coops to the vet today to get his blood drawn to be sent out to Kansas and tested for rabies. A requirement to bring him out to Hawaii with us for the wedding. It was expensive as shit. He better be grateful for this, the cute, fluffy little bastard. But, he isn’t. He’s licking his junk in his crate right now, not giving a fuck.

Alright, I’m supes tired. Going to have one more day of laziness tomorrow, then it’s back to work, and you know what? I’m really looking forward to it. For reals. It’s a weight I want to get off my shoulders. See the bank account go up. Get some writing done. I’m getting a much, much clearer picture of how to write my spec pilot. Still some pretty major things to figure out for a few of the characters, but the accumulation of knowledge and research is really starting to give me much more confidence. Confidence I can find what I need once I sit down to sketch this all out.

See you guys tomorrow.

Tonight’s cool, 80’s looking graphic scifi art was taken from Wall321, which unfortunately offers no info on the artist.