Day 144: Rest

Day 144: Rest

I got a decent amount of it today, rest. Slept in until 10, which was amazing. Liz also took care of the Coops today, both in the morning and in the evening, so huge props to her for that. Letting me take it easy. She’s been dynamite about that, in fact.

We both went to the dry cleaners with the Coops in tow to pick some stuff up and drop some more stuff off. In fact, we did pretty much everything with the Coops today. He also got a bath, so he’s extra freaking fluffy right now. He gets plush toy soft after his baths. It’s pretty amazing.

I went and played golf over at the Weddington par 3 course, and did some driving range stuff before-hand. I’ve finally figured out my driving swing – stance and mechanics. Still have a decent amount of work to do on generating power, but it’s finally going straight, which is a minor miracle. Only took a year+ to figure that out. I’m hooking shots now, though, with my irons, so in that regard it was the perfect course to be playing. I had one hole where things kinda fell apart, but other than that I played a bogey round with two pars. Or was it three? I had two legit birdie chances, which was awesome, and my chipping was excellent today. The putting, not so much. I didn’t drain any shots outside, oh, six feet maybe. But, guys, I haven’t played in…two months I think. Not one solitary stroke. I don’t even think I’ve been to the driving range, that’s how busy it’s been.

Speaking of busy, tomorrow begins three back-to-back days of work. I’m a little nervous I won’t get off to a good start, but at the same time, I’m looking forward to the stability of it all. I just hope that the work queue stays full. It looks like there are a ton of videos waiting for voice-over, so we should be good. We’ll see. I’m not sure if I wrote about it last week, but I did a couple recording sessions while up in the Bay for voice-overs, and apparently that was a terrible idea because the lessons turned out to be riddled with errors…extra embarrassing and frustrating because the editors who need re-records of the audio have to post on the public forum that everybody sees. So, yeah, that happened, and I’ve stepped away from doing narrations for the past week or so. But, I feel comfortable enough now to get back to it.I just have to make sure that these new lessons don’t contain any errors, that’s really all there is to it. Perhaps I’ll do that first thing tomorrow AM.

So yeah…I feel a little anxious tonight. I want, NEED, tomorrow to be a good work day. It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve had one of those. This entire month, really. So, I need the next two, two and a half weeks to be extra productive. Make me feel like I’ve accomplished something. If I can knock out these first three days in a row, I’ll restart day one of the writing challenge on that first day off. That’s the plan. Then, if I can rock the next full week out, I’ll start a workout routine in April, which would be extra exciting. I’ve probably lost 20 pounds over the last six months, which is not a good thing. I really need to get back to working out again and eating properly.

That’s what’s swirling around in my head tonight, a little stressed out, obviously, but I did have a very nice day today. It *was* grounding, making me feel more like I am, indeed, home and that I can get back to a normal routine. There’s just a lot to be done. So, tomorrow, I go and get it!

Tonight’s photo of the famed sleep capsules in Tokyo, yes they do exist, is courtesy of The Verge.