Day 145: Le Tired

Day 145: Le Tired

Yup, *another* one.

This time, though, my dear readers, it’s a well-deserved short and tired blog entry. I had a full work day today and got a full day’s worth or work done. It felt good. Really good.

And now, I am freaking exhausted.

I will say, quickly, that I watched the rest of “A Good Day to Die Hard” and was left with what seems to be the consensus on that flick: meh. The thing is, I think Bruce Willis still has it. He’s still a badass, and he’s got tons of sassy old man sass to throw around…but the script on this thing was a snoooooze festival. Banter was too sparse, the set-up was awkward, at best, and the action sequences were just not inspired.

I’ll stick with the first three movies, thank you. And yes, that *does* mean I liked Die Hard with a Vengeance. One of the few movies featuring Samuel L. that I do enjoy. I mean, at least in that movie we had a villain who was doing things that were FUN, and UNEXPECTED.

Not so in this movie. Nope. I mean, they couldn’t resist doing a Russians-are-the-bad-guys movie without us going to fucking CHERNOBYL for god-sakes. Ugh.

That’s all the vitriol I have in my fingers tonight. Till tomorrow my fellow critics.