Day 146: Wild for the Night

Day 146: Wild for the Night

The Ho and I had a good ol’ music listening sesh tonight as we travelled to and from BCD Tofu House in Lake Balboa. We have a wide range of tastes, the Ho and I, when it comes to music. And, I don’t mean that in the sense that they differ widely. They don’t, actually. Sure, we part ways somewhat when it comes to what we listen to most, but we’re virtually always on the same page when it comes to agreeing when a piece of music kicks ass or sucks dick.

Tonight was a decidedly rap night, with the stylings of Iggy Azalea, T.I., and A$AP Rocky helping the delicious, delicious soon tofu digest in our bellies. BCD Tofu house is our jelly jam, pretty much ever since moving out here to Sherman Oaks. It used to be Pho, but we hit that pretty hard for quite a long time, and now our poison of choice is soon tofu, the original with beef or pork dumpling, with an ice cold Hite beer to share between us. Hite, for those of you who don’t know, is basically the Miller Lite of Korea…aka, deliciousness.

Had a good work day today. It’s been two straight days of hitting full production, although it’s been tough to *exceed* the 20 minutes of finished product. I started slightly behind, but I haven’t lost any ground in the interim. If I can’t manage to make it up tomorrow, I’ll spread what little bit is left over my two days off…I believe I’m 6 minutes shy of full quota, which would be a paltry 3 hours of extra work. Spread that over two days off, 1 1/2 hours of work each day…totally doable. But, I *do* want to be completely caught up by the time I hit my next series of three days. That’s important. It’s inevitable that I will slip behind again at some point over the next six weeks (which is what I figured out it would take at my current schedule, which is doable as opposed to an overly-exhausting all-at-once marathon), and it’s important to keep those slip-behinds as small as possible.

I know, I know…I talk about work a lot on this blog. It’s definitely something that I spend a lot of time thinking about, which is why it’s on these pages. But, it’s mostly because it took so much effort to get myself here, making good money, and starting to free up my energies towards more creative things that I *really* want to be doing. But, let me tell you, guys, the fact that I’m paying off my various debts and putting money away at the same time is a massive, massive shift in my life. I’m immensely proud of that, and it can all crumble if I’m not diligent, month in and month out, about hitting my work goals. When you work for yourself and make your own schedule, you’re the only person motivating your work ethic. It takes a lot of brain power 😛

Anyway, work also seems to ground me back into the mindset that I feel most comfortable and at home in; feeling the itch to get writing again, after a two week hiatus, and like I promised earlier this week, after finishing these three work days in a row, which it looks like I’ll be successfully doing, I’m going to restart the 60-day writing challenge. I cannot fucking WAIT for that. Oh man, they will be long, long work days, that is for sure. But, I can do it. For a month, surely. Then, back on my more “normal,” more spaced out work schedule, it’s a lot easier. It will be May at that point. Jesus. Time is already flying.

That also means March is almost over, guys, which is the first quarter of the year, gone. I’m not sure if I wrote down specific quarterly goals back in January, but I’m sure as all hell doing that for this next quarter. I’m good with goals, for the most part. If I have something to aim for, I get much more done. So, yeah…feeling very tired tonight, and very optimistic.

Let’s git ‘er done.