Day 147: Two day Vacay

Day 147: Two day Vacay

Ahhhhhhhh…it starts tomorrow. The two-day recharge.

I’ve found, throughout the various trials and errors, that I usually need two consecutive days of rest in order to recharge enough to be successful with another work-binge.

This one comes off the heels of a successful THREE DAY work binge, which I’m sure you’re fully aware of if you’ve read a couple words of the last two blogs. Not *completely* caught up, but caught up enough to have a couple days of rest, sprinkled with an hour or two each of work, just to nibble away at the deficit.

I’m stoked for my time off. It’s always so much sweeter knowing that I’ve earned it. That I’ve been productive and thus deserve to have rest in order to continue being productive.

I said that I would revisit starting up the writing challenge if these three days were successful, and I’m going to hold off on that for perhaps one more working cycle. Just because I’m still behind, and because I’m still feeling pretty fatigued after each of these days. That will dissipate. I know it will because that’s the way that I work. It will also give me more time to finish up the research portion of my pilot idea.

Tomorrow, however, I need to revisit my writing deadlines. Make new ones. Ones that I feel extremely confident that I will be able to hit this time around. I feel excitement and certainty swelling within me. This time, next month, or thereabouts, I will have a short story and a new pilot ready for peeps to read and offer feedback on. I can’t wait!

I’ve also decided that I’m going to play golf tomorrow. It will be a couple hours of work in the morning, a half-lunch, some golf over in Altadena, and then the second half of lunch…a nap…and probs not much more than that tomorrow. Oh, I should do laundry in the evening and go get groceries. That sounds like a lovely day. Then, the next day can be a more sleep in, lazy affair. Maybe watch some Trek movies, or something.

I did that while I was working today, put Trek on netflix and then minimized the screen so that it was just the audio. Back in the day, my Dad on a whim hooked up his audio tape recorder to the VCR audio-out, and he recorded Star Trek II for me…I used to listen to that tape before bed almost every night for two or three years, maybe? I know virtually every line of that movie…but when I listened to it today, I don’t think I’d seen the movie in six years. I found new things in the movie, especially the script, which doesn’t surprise me since I’ve been so honed in on that lately. Things like structure, dialogue, etc. It taught me a lesson today in the strength of characters and themes overpowering dialogue that’s too on the nose. Taken out of context, much of The Wrath of Khan’s dialogue is downright presentational…but they made *incredible* character choices across the board, highlighting and elevating everything about them that was best, and then placed them into situations that challenged those character aspects to such a well-fashioned (and even literary) extent that such on-the-nose or grandiose dialogue was perfectly acceptable. It’s a very melodramatic movie, and one of the very few that earns the right to be so.

Today, Spock especially, struck me as exceptionally well-written. They made him the perfect best friend, always there, steady and selfless, noble to the point of regal-ness, everything about him was wise, patient, and reassuring. They brought out everything in his character that was the best of the original series. Kirk they actually changed, A LOT. Grumpier, unhappy, snippy, tired…very unlike his overly and often awkward smug self from the series. BUT…they kept him as an undeniably brilliant commander. The guy in charge of the ship as a scared, young cadet that you’d believe *could* save you from a homicidal maniac. Saving his ship and crew were the only things on his mind, and we didn’t need to sit around and talk about it. That was a given. He just acted. A true commander.

Anyway…I could go on and on about The Wrath of Khan…I’ll stop here since it’s late and I’ve bored you 😛

See you suckers tomorrow.