Day 154: Helter Skelter

Day 154: Helter Skelter

I feel a little out of sorts tonight…it’s nothing too bad, actually, but enough to put me a little on edge. I suppose it’s that I’ve launched, or at least partly launched, my new baseball blog venture. You can check it out by clicking on the Green Collar Baseball menu option on the top left of this site, or just go to

I definitely don’t want that to become my life. I’m setting some strict boundaries for baseball this year so that it can’t interfere with my editing work and my writing work…but at the same time, it’s something I really, really love, and I follow my team so closely that I think I can actually do well with it, so the idea of writing about it on the regular appeals to me. I don’t know, we’ll see. The write-up of tonight’s game didn’t take too long, and that’s the main concern.

It is late right now, however, and I don’t like that on a night before a full work day. So, this will be brief. Ie- it’s 11:47 right now as I type this sentence, and I want to be in bed by 12:00. That means we make this a quick entry.

Found what, I think, is my suit for the wedding. It’s a baller one from J. Crew. Took an epic two hour nap this afternoon. Hung with the Ho almost all day, except for tonight when she went over to see one of our friends. Talked to my mom. Thought it was April 1st today, but it’s not, it’s tomorrow. Oops 😛

Tomorrow is rent, editing, writing, and hopefully not feeling too tired. I’ve decided that I will also start working out next week. Yes, NEXT week, not this week. With my work schedule this month and doing rent in the mornings, it’s just too much to add into a day. But, if I start next week, then my fourth week each month, the rest week, will coincide with rent. Perfection!

Okay…that’s it. I’m off to set my schedule for tomorrow, then wash up, and hit the sack. Wish me luck 😉