Day 157: Late Rally

Day 157: Late Rally

So, the A’s won tonight in 12 innings on a walk-off home run…just as I was about to wrap up my day of editing to finish strong and hit my 3-Day goal.


That’s two days in a row of double baseball entendre for the blog title. Tough titties.

Today was a challenge, as per usual on these third work days in a row. Not only was I rather exhausted, I also ran out of “quick” lessons to work on and had to slog it through one of the more laborious subjects.

Now, bear with me on this one: I did NOT get to my hour of writing today…but I’m also NOT throwing in the towel on my 60-day challenge. I didn’t finish my editing work until 11:30pm tonight, and I considered sitting for another hour in front of my computer to get the writing hour out of the way, and then getting ready for bed and writing this thing…but that would put me getting to sleep around 1:30 or 2am…AND the writing quality would kind of be bullshit.

Equivocation? Perhaps.

But, the finishing of my editing work has to be considered legitimate. I *had* to finish. Perhaps on a day 1 or day 2 of a work session, I’d just stop working at sit down to write, push the editing work off to the next day to make up…but today was day 3. The deadline. If I fall behind on these last days, it will KILL the plan to get back on course.

And, here’s the kicker: I will write for two hours tomorrow.

I almost considered not talking about it here on the blog, but what’s the point in that. I’d just be hiding it from myself, instead of owning up to it. I get a pass today if I write for two hours tomorrow, which is an off-day and ENTIRELY do-able, and I then get right back to writing each day, on schedule. If it becomes a pattern, I have the genesis of that pattern written right here for me to see.

But, it won’t. I’m totally confident. At least in this instance. I do worry long-term about putting my writing hour so late in the evening, but I’ve found myself to be WAY more focused once I’ve finished my full days’ worth of editing work, as well as much more on task during the day getting my editing done when it’s not interrupted by switching gears to do something different. The only downside is the potential to run out of the time in the day…like today. But, perhaps I’ve already found myself the perfect compromise, which is that I can shut down day 1 or day 2 to just write if I’ve fallen behind on my editing; make up that work in the next day or two. But, on day 3, the last day in the cycle, it’s time to buckle down and finish the editing.

Anyway, lots of analyzing over this, I know. It’s just that I want to create the perfect system for myself. That allows me consistency, and flexibility all at once. It’s a process.

So yeah…A’s win. I win. Cooper wins.

Time for the sleeps.

Tonight’s retro awesomeness comes from Action-Transfers.