Day 169: Moustachio

Day 169: Moustachio

The mustache is BACK 🙂

I was getting tired of my work-at-home beard, so I decided to mix it up. I almost went clean-shaven, but the mustache is always what I shave last, and tonight, it just seemed like a good idea to keep it.

Breaking News, I know 😛

The A’s won tonight in extras down in Anaheim. It’s always extra special when we win against the Angels. I remember how, for so long, the Angels were the bums of the west, but man, they had quite a run through the aughts and we developed quite the rivalry.

They’re kind of going through what Oakland did between 2007 and 2011, although I have zero sympathy for them given the fact that they have a huge TV deal, draw in excess of 3 million each year to their stadium, and have spent more money than the Yankees on a team that hasn’t gone to the postseason since…what? 2008? 2009? I think it was 2009. As my good friend Joseph Valdez loves to chide them, it’s so cute that they put a banner up in their outfield with the number of times they’ve won their division. The A’s do it proper, we hang banners for our World Titles.

Anyway, I was feeling a little blue this evening, and I didn’t want to sit around, even if it was watching baseball. So, I let it play in the background, and I did some laundry and some cleaning. It did the trick, I feel much less meh, and I feel refreshed. Looking forward to a day of work tomorrow. Getting back with the hour of writing, too. I’m excited. Going to get up on time, have a normal day. It’s gonna be awesome.

Liz got to see our good friend Ryan today, who’s been seeing a laaaadddiieee lately, which he’s super excited about 😛 I miss that guy. One of my all-time best partners in crime and genuinely one of those guys that I could hang out with forever and not get bored. Those peeps are rare, I think we’ve all discovered, and when they’re gone moved up elsewhere, we miss them.

I also know he reads this thing sometimes, so you know, brown-nosing hurts no one.

All in all, a pretty successful couple days. I did NOT finish my pilot script, but I had two days of writing that I’m legitimately satisfied with. Some excellent ideas, and story-telling I’m excited about…it’s my favorite thing I’ve written so far. Hands down. Looking forward, for sure, to having it finished, and then a solid self-rewrite…and then sending it out to some trusted peeps to get feedback. I mean, I could be a month, maybe two, away from FINALLY having something to back up any job inquiries to be a writers’ assistant. Next stop, THE BOOK. I’m exicted 🙂

That’s it for tonight, homies. Fun stuff on the horizon. The Ho and the pup come home tomorrow! That shall be glorious, and good times shall be had! Apparently, there are some Wedding shenanigans we need to catch up on with Game of Thrones. Looking forward to it.