Day 170: All is Well

Day 170: All is Well

The Ho is home. All is well. Oh, and we watched the most recent Game of Thrones. So yeah, all is well.

Today was a struggle at the beginning. Had to deal with some apartment nonsense, plus it was just weird to be starting my work routine again. But, I got my shit done. And the Coops is curled up below me in his office bed. Yes, he has a bed for every room of the house. Guys, he’s on the floor all the time. Where else is he going to lay down and patiently watch his Alphas look at the weird light-boxes. They’re computers, Coops, and we “alphas” are working so we can feed yo fluffy ass. So, get with the program. Better yet, get a job. Oh, wait, you’re adorable so you don’t have to work. I’m fine with that.

No GoT spoilers here, folks. I’ll just say that I had my theories, given all the buzz that was out there in the ‘net…and I was completely wrong. In hingsight…ya, no, even in hindsight there’s no way to know what is going to happen at ANY point in this goddamn show. People die. Other people go on living as shitty, shitty human beings that are sometimes less shitty. And, it’s all fucking awesome. Seriously, it’s the best show on TV. Oh, and there’s usually a lot of titties and some ass cracks. Not in this episode, though.

That reminds me of the episode where we took a bet on how many titties we’d see in the episode, and Liz won with her bet of one tit. ONE. I don’t know if you guys know this, but boobs come in pairs. Yet, the Ho had the chesticles to put her money down on ONE breast. And she was right. It was one of those weird side shots where one mammary was in view, but the other was not. It was very impressive. The bet. I’m sure the jug (I’m running out of boob-synonyms here, sue me) was fine, but the bet was finer.

It’s always weird writing the blog at my computer, it doesn’t feel quite right 😛

Tomorrow, I’m desiring to be a more regular day. Get more done early on, and stay more on schedule. Today was too hectic for my tastes. Oh! And, I’ve decided here tonight that I have a new challenge for myself. Write 6 pages of my pilot every day for the next 10 days…after which I should pretty much have my pilot written. So yeah…Wednesday of next week will be the birth of a new masterpiece! Just like this blog entry. Masterpiece.

Good night!