Day 171: Eating Drinks

Day 171: Eating Drinks

Title tonight is a reference to a tweet that the Ho just read of hers, in which she referred to “eating drinks.” Pretty awesome stuff right there.

My jawbone up just buzzed my wrist, telling me that it’s time to get ready for bed. Basically, my jawbone up has lately been my lazy-ass-o-meter since for the past week or so I don’t think I’ve my 10,000 steps goal once. NOT ONCE. And so, it sits on my wrist. Mocking me. I’ll have my day!

It was a near-failure today on the editing side of things. I woke up late because I was tired, then I got sucked into apartment shenanigans (AGAIN), and then I decided to do some audio recordings first, instead of last. So boom, it’s 4pm in that afternoon, and I haven’t even started editing a video yet. Then…I felt the itch to write, and so I indulged, knowing that I had pages to get done. That actually is where the story starts getting better (if not more interesting), and my night rocked.

I’m sitting here while my dinner pasta boils in the background, the Ho at my side a little later than I’d hoped (jawbone up is, after all, telling me I should be getting ready for bed), but with a satisfactory amount of work done, and set up for success tomorrow.

Whilst I was working, I was listening to the “Science Fiction Album” from the City of Prague Philharmonic, which is this epic four or five disc compilation of them doing themes from SciFi movies. Like, all of them. Almost, anyway. Fuck, even Galaxy Quest is on there. Side note: if you every want to be snarky when asked “what’s your favorite Star Trek movie?” you can answer “Galaxy Quest!” and get one of those groan-chuckles. Probably like the one you’re having right now.

Anyway, I got this theme from The Black Hole stuck in my head, which I often do, and so I decided to put it on in the background. I mean, it did inspire one small part of the pilot that I’m currently writing, so I figured what the hell. I’ll (obviously) only do that while working with movies that I’ve already seen a couple times.

What a waste of a movie 😛 It’s really bad. And it could have been SO GOOD. If they’d, like, completely changed the plot and the characters. But, still! SO GOOD.

It’s has the amazingly terrible shot at the end of what I can only think they wanted to be an existential hell. Complete with fire and an evil robot. Yeah, we’re talking that kind of bad.

Just took a break to eat said-pasta that had been boiling in the background, and is now glurging around in mah belly. Mmmmm.

I can’t remember what else I was going to say. I have the vague feeling I didn’t even have anything else to say 😛

It’s time for bed. Night y’all!