Day 173: Do si do

Day 173: Do si do

The Ho and I went square dancing tonight, hence the late-ness of the blog post. This is the…fourth time she’s gone, I think. And, I have been absent for each of the three previous occasions. Quite a shame, because it was a lot of fun.

We were talking about it afterwards, about how it totally makes sense why towns back in the day, out in the Wild West, would have these dances. It gets everyone together, with drinks and music, and you’re forced to go around and meet everyone. The dances, most of them, are designed to get you to meet people. And, any awkwardness there may be about meeting new people is totally lost in the mutual awkwardness that everyone has about trying to get the damn steps right. Genius. And, good wholesome fun, as Liz called it.

Then, we stopped by this new-ish Taco place down the street from where we used to live, Cactus Tacos, which is where Henry’s Tacos used to be, on Moorpark in Noho, and we got some Tacos. Which, was a genius move. We were both pretty damn hungry.

We took them home and watched Hannibal with the Coops. A quick note on Hannibal…they’re in these “middling” episodes right now and I’m just not sure what to make of the directions they’re going. It feels to me like they’re stalling, which is the worst thing you can do in story-telling, but because TV seasons tend to be so long, happens ALL THE TIME in television. So, I’m not trying to be overtly hard on the show…but yeah. Choices being made that I’m like, what? What are we doing here. This doesn’t make sense to me. But…like I said…it’s something that happens to pretty much every show on television I’ve ever watched. Even Game of Thrones has had their “middling” episodes. Worst time of the television season, the very middle episodes of any given season.

I got to sleep in today (hooray) and watch the A’s game (hooray, and the A’s won (hooray) in rather dramatic fashion. Walk-off victory in the bottom of the 9th on a Lowrie home-run, singles by Donaldson, Cespedes, and an RBI to tie it single from Callaspo. Then, Reddick, who’s been struggling so much, roped a single into the gap for the walk-off. Telling you guys, this team is stacked this year. Of course, they could potentially be stumbles…but I don’t think so. They’re a team who could win 100 games this year. I hope we do. The Rangers, on the other hand, are definitely better this year. Very interested to see HOW good when we finally play them in a couple days.

Then, it was the naps, then a walk with the Coops, and then, oh yeah! I went grocery shopping for the first time at the Ralph’s down the street with this MASSIVE collapsable cart-thing that Liz got the other day from Costco. I mean, it’s not your grandma’s grocery cart-thing. It’s legit. It looks more like a wagon made of fabric and awesomeness. We call it the ATVC, which obviously stands for “all-terrain vehicle cart.” Tugged that thing around the store, didn’t need a grocery cart, and then tugged home with all my groceries. It was amazing. Took 30 minutes to do all my grocery shopping, and I got to walk there and back.

That was my day, folks. Liz just remembered that we need to put Cooper’s flea and tick meds on his back, so I’m off to go do that. Then, hit the pillow with my head for some serious Zzzzz time.

See you guys tomorrow!