Day 174: GoT

Day 174: GoT

Game of thrones tonight.

That’s almost all I did today 😛

I did get up in time to feed and walk the Coops in the AM. Then it was just about time to eat breakfast and watch the A’s game. Yes, the baseball game. Which starts in the afternoon…meaning breakfast after noon. That’s how I roll on a day off!

I was pretty damn tired early on today. The dancing last night really took it out of me on a day off, I’m sad to say. But, I was able to be pretty freaking lazy today, and that did wonders.

The A’s won, as they should have, taking the brooms to the Astros for the sweep. We play the Rangers next, which will be a very different story. They’re a good team, better than they were last year, and it’s going to be our first real test of how good we are this year. Not that it’s do-or-die. It really isn’t. It’ll just be a good barometer for where we’re at. Especially with our starting pitching, since they’ll be throwing the front of their rotation at us, and we’ll be showing the back end of ours. Don’t know how that ended up like that, but it is what it is. Monday, tomorrow, they put their ace up on the mound, so that will be a good test of our offense. See how we really stack up. Ie- we’ve owned their ace the pas two years, and the past two years we’ve beat them to win the AL West.

Then, the Ho and I put something on tape for her, and then I took a much-needed nap. Solid, hour and a half nap. It sounds so wimpy and lazy to say that, but man. They really make a difference on my days off, getting those naps, in terms of feeling recharged for the next work day.

To cap it off, we walked over to the Ralph’s to pick up some goodies for the Game of Thrones viewing, went home to grab the Coops since he was coming too, and we traipsed over to our good friend Abbey’s house to watch the show. Tonight’s episode was pretty uneventful, nothing really happened. We had a tittie pool going to see how many we’d see in the episode, and someone won with a guess of 6. That’s always a fun game. After all, it’s not porn, it’s HBO.

And, now, it’s 11:30, I’m almost done writing the blog for today, and I think I’ll be going to bed on time for the first time in…I can’t even remember how long. It was a good day today. Another 8 days on this crazy work schedule. I just double-checked my calendar to make sure that was true, and it is. 8 more days, and I’m all caught up. That’s crazy. I can taste it. Almost touch it. Just need to keep my head down, and keep moving forward.

I’m also going to have my pilot written by then. Fucking awesome. Weights off my shoulders. Soon to be replaced by new ones, but there is nothing like setting a goal, reaching it, and having its results sitting in your hands. I have high hopes for my pilot script. Not necessarily that it will sell any time soon, no. But, eventually? Sure. In the meantime, my high hopes rather rest upon it opening the door for me to be someone’s assistant. To learn the ropes from someone doing what I want to do. Not just being staffed, but writing material that they’ve SOLD, and they’re in CHARGE OF on a show. That’s what I want. And, I want my pilot script to be good enough to get me there. I honestly don’t know how long that will take. We’ll just have to see. But, getting that first draft written is a huge step towards getting there.

Life is good, guys. Being close to finishing makes me nervous, for some reason. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’ve been precariously close to losing focus this last time around? I’m not sure. But, I didn’t. And, I won’t. Tomorrow will be a solid day. I’m saying it right here and now. Focus!

Good night, y’all. See you tomorrow.