Day 176: Le Tired

Day 176: Le Tired

Man…I know, that’s two “short” entries in two days. My apologies dear readers…or dear blog if no one is reading this one 😛

I didn’t get pages written today, because I seized the opportunity, as expected, to catch up on the editing. Some “easy” lessons were made available, and so I pounced, like a puma. That reminds me that when I was a kid, like pre-school days, I got made fun of for having a Puma sweatshirt. None of the kids knew what Puma was and that it was actually COOL. Ha! Who’s laughing now, you little fuckers?!

Nobody…because it’s 12:30 in the AM right now, I need to go to bed, and this entry is super short.

But, we roll on, folks! I made up time today, I can again tomorrow, and then it’s just one more set of 3-days to catch the eff up on this editing. Ohhhhhh…it shall be sweet. And I’ll catch up on the writing on my two days off, mark my words. 12 pages each day, and NO EDITING. It shall be glooorrriousssss.

Till tomorrow!

ps – I listened to a lot of Harry Potter soundtrack music today, and I’ve decided it’s my new jelly-jam. Makes my work times feel magical 🙂