Day 178: Honeysuckle

Day 178: Honeysuckle

Spring is in the air here in So Cal. For any of you who may not be lucky enough yet to experience the turn of the season, my sincerest apologies. You really should consider moving (back) to California.

Coops and I took a walk this evening, and it was just freaking gorgeous. Perfect temperature. Slight breeze. The sun was starting to fall towards the horizon. And, there was honeysuckle everywhere. Blooming honeysuckle, which is just about the most magical smell out there these days. Oh, and I got to listen to the A’s beating up on the Astros.

It was just very pleasant. And, I was feeling very pleasant.

Still quite exhausted, I’m afraid, but I am very content. Life is moving in the right direction. Writing. Finances. Marriage-ing. Coops. Honeysuckle. It’s all pretty damn good.

Now, it is 1:00am as I sit and write this, which came about for two reasons. One: that the Ho and I finally sat down and finished the latest of “Sherlock” that had aired…back in February, I think? Well, we watched it. Written by Moffat, this one, and he’s the writer that is pretty obviously the most adept of the entire genius bunch. It was likely his weakest effort thus far…BUT…it’s really minor complaints. There were legitimately a couple twists in this episode that had me gaping with my mouth open. It was only the very last act that left me feeling somewhat let down.

But, we all hear there shall be more Sherlock to come, and so it all can’t be that bad, can it. They’ve got me so hooked into these two characters that they could write mostly drivel and I would still love it…because Holmes and Watson as played by these two actors is probably the best pairing on television ever. Yup. Big statement. And, I stand behind it.

Reason number two is that I decided to wade through the voice over recordings I’d done last night, which as I mentioned yesterday, had a legitimate fall-asleep-at-the-mic moment because I was so tired. I was surprised to hear them in pretty damn good shape. Which is a little unnerving, if you think about it. That our bodies can carry on pretty freaking well without really anyone actually at home upstairs. In the brain. The brain is the “upstairs” in this scenario, in case you were lost.

Tomorrow, I need more rest. Even more than I got today. It’s gonna happen.

See you then.