Day 181: Almost there...

Day 181: Almost there…

Whew…long, long day today. Of working.

In fact, this is currently being written at 12:00am, and I still probably have about…30 minutes of work left? Something like that. Some tweaks to one video that was sent back to add some new material, and then making sure everything is uploaded.

Ya, that’s like, 24 minutes of finished product on the day. In 10 hours of actually sitting in front of the computer working. Not too freaking bad! It means I caught up on 4 extra minutes. Each minute, by the way, is how I get paid…so minutes finished equal money in my sweaty palms.

Actually I don’t have sweaty palms. But, some dude at the square dancing did last weekend and holy moly, that was hard to handle. We’re talking, like, I needed to wipe my hands after touching his every time. Poor guy. That would be a shiiiitttyyyy condition to inherit. Although any time you’re born with a “condition,” it can’t really be a good thing. Unless that condition is being awesome, in which case, congrats. You lucked out.

Okay, rendering is done on this particular lesson, and I can move on to the other and finish my day. Pat on my back. One more crazy day tomorrow…and then three more days of well-measured success after a couple days off.

So close!

Good night.