Day 184: Cards Against Humanity

Day 184: Cards Against Humanity

You should play this game. It’s the best for dinner get-togethers, especially with new friends or with peeps you don’t get to see that often.

I would imagine it gets lame if you’re playing it with the same group of people over and over again, but it’s money in the bank when you’re with a new group.

We went over to our friends’ house tonight for some food and fun. Good times were had, we played Cards, and had a good chuckle. They’re pregnant and literally just about to pop, so it was cool to see them before the baby takes over. Babies will do that.

Had a pretty nice day today. Still pretty exhausted, to be completely honest, but I’ll manage. Work day tomorrow and the next. I’m in bed at a reasonable time, so win on that front.

My A’s, a week ago, had been swept at home by the Texas Rangers, our arch-rivals. Today, we returned the favor in their ballpark. And we CRUSHED them this series. Their sweep was on two comeback at the last minute wins…our sweep, they didn’t stand a chance. We outplayed them in every facet. They didn’t have the lead once, and we POUNDED their pitching. Very satisfying. Cespedes is heating up. Norris is proving to be a better and better hitter every year. We’re stacked. I keep saying that, hoping that it turns out the way I think it can, and so far it is. 18 wins in April. That’s excellent.

So, good night. I’m off to watch the highlights since I didn’t get to watch the game. Then, the sleeps, and tomorrow the works. Hope you had a nice day, too 😉