Day 185: Fail Whale

Day 185: Fail Whale

Today was a bit of a failure. I ran out of steam. Hit a wall. Call it what you will, it was pretty much failure 😛

I’m trying not to take it too hard. I did get through 2/3 of my day successfully work-wise, but I crashed in the final act. I took a nap. That was a mistake. But, the nap was also kind of necessary. I just realize that I’ve reached a point where I’ve been going full-tilt for probably a bit too long. So, I indulged. Spent some time with the Ho when she got home. We watched Hannibal and I ate some food.

Oh! And the Coops stepped on ANOTHER bee tonight on our walk. That’s three bee stings in, like, the last six months. Far too many times. Each time it happens, thankfully, he seems to react better and better. Like, this time he was able to walk all the way back home. I think he may have stepped on a dead bee this time, or at least for some other reason he didn’t get a full dose of the poison. OR, he’s becoming less allergic to the venom. Whatever it was, he was only mildly inconvenienced by the whole affair. Freaked out for a bit, for sure, and he licked his paw for about 15 minutes, but that was it really. He handled it like a boss.

So yeah…the rhythm is definitely a little off at the moment. It’s Liz’s birthday tomorrow, and originally, I was going to work all day and we were just going to celebrate on Saturday with our little friend Mirabelle (she’s having a Frozen-themed party)…but I wasn’t totally feeling comfortable with that, I realized. Not doing anything on her actual birthday with Liz. That’s weird, and didn’t feel right. So, at the very least, we’re going to do something fun together tomorrow as a couple; dinner, wine tasting in malibu, something. I’ll figure out how to put in a half day, and I’ll do another half day on Saturday and that will make up for the change in plans. THEN, I reorganized some of my work days next week so that I’d have THREE days off in a row which I honestly think will make a huge difference with the fatigue factor. I hope it will anyway. The most frustrating thing in the world after working so hard to catch up would be to get behind again.

But, that’s not going to happen. As mind-mushed as I feel now and then, I’m pledging right here on the daily blog that it will not happen. Will I have days like today every now and then? Absolutely. They’re bound to happen. But, not SEVERAL days. I’ve found the “zone” and I’m not going to let go of it. In the meantime, I just need some rest.

Speaking of, my pillow is feeling mighty fine at the moment, so I’m going to go explore it.