Day 186: Ho Birthday

Day 186: Ho Birthday

Happy Birthday to the Ho!

Today was pretty much awesome. We woke up pretty early, actually. The Ho with an audition, and me with rent to take into the office. Then, it was off to Malibu to check out this winery that we’d heard about in the hills out there. Yeah, that was a good idea.

Liz had done some shopping for picnic food, since the winery is literally just that. They don’t serve any food (genius, if you ask me). It was hot as balls, but we’d showed up early enough in the day, I guess, for it to be pretty slow and chill there, and there were plenty of tables left in the shade. We’d been hoping to picnic for reals on the grass, but there wasn’t actually any grass. It was turf, and that shit is warm. It sounds ghetto, but it actually wasn’t. The place was very charming and well done. And the wine was decent enough.

Oh man, the food was amazing. Super French-style, with baguette, some ridiculously delicious cheese, Trader Joe’s salads, we bought a bottle of Pinot Noir Rosé, salami…it was amazing. Only thing that would have made it better is if we could have brought the Coops. We got pretty buzzed during the tasting part of the escapade, but after sitting and eating for a good while, we were ready to head home.

Getting home, we unpacked the stuff, and then took off again, this time with the Coops in tow to go by a pet supply store down the way. See, he’s coming with us out to Hawaii, and that means we need to get him a flight-approved carrier. Well, we found one that he seems to be comfortable enough in, so we bought it.

Then, we crashed for an epic nap. Hot weather and early day drinking will do that to you.

After that, we took the Coops for a nice long walk, and then getting home from that decided that we did indeed want to run to the store for birthday cake supplies. I baked the cake, and Liz did the frosting, and we sang happy birthday, ate the cake, and watched The Avengers on Netflix. Dude, that movie is SO FREAKING GOOD. It’s the first and only comic book movie that is genuinely comic-y (ie- not dark like Batman) that I whole-heartedly and completely enjoyed. Pretty much all the rest seem hokey or kind of underwhelming to me. I know, I know, I’m very much in the minority on that, but what can I say? I never really got into comic books…

Also, Netflix “Super HD” is pretty damn impressive. Not quite the framerate on a Blu-Ray, but it’s pretty freaking close. Very nice.

So yeah…that was our day. I hope she had a nice, memorable birthday and I’m pretty sure she did. We just had a really nice time hanging out together and enjoying each others’ company. We did some stuff we’d never done before, and some other stuff that we haven’t done in a while. I had a great time. A great day.

Tomorrow, it’s some work, and a 5-year-old’s birthday party. Let’s do it!