Day 188: Numbers

Day 188: Numbers


Being that today was a work day, there’s not really much to report beyond the fact that I was successful. 20 minutes of finished product, done. It still leaves me behind in the grand overall picture, but only a single day. And, that’s something I can make up, isn’t it? Doing less, more often.

If you have no idea what they hell I’m talking about, you can read last night’s blog which covers the topic in detail 😛

The A’s pulled out a win today, which is great. One sweep is enough for me on the season, no reason to make it two. Us being the ones swept, mind you. I’ll take many more sweeps if we’re the ones doing the sweeping.

This team is pretty freaking good. We’ve definitely not played as well as we can, or should…and yet we have the most wins in the American League. We’re one of four teams in all of baseball, at this point, to be markedly above the .500 line. Ie- one of the only teams that’s really dominated the competition. Everyone else is winning just about as many games and they’re losing. Granted, it is still REALLY early in the season, there’s no doubt about that. So, we’ll just have to see what happens. But, I do like my team. May they stay healthy.

I also listened to an interesting Radiolab short this morning about numbers, and all the more emotional and mystical properties that people endow them with. Did you know that by a significantly large margin, the world’s favorite number is 7? Across cultures. That boggles my mind. What’s your favorite number? Mine has always been 13. It’s the day on which I was born, and it’s considered so unlucky overall that it’s always just kind of felt like it was mine. And, I’m not alone in how I’ve chosen my “favorite” number. It has almost nothing to do with what the number 13 actually represents, a definitive quantity, and entirely to do with emotions and personal tastes.

Also: Game of Thrones rocks my face. George R. R. Martin really is a master at keeping all the wheels turning and the plates spinning as he moves his characters around and gets them into, and out of jams.

Cooper just had a big sigh. I think he’s ready for me to turn my light out and go to sleep.

Tomorrow is an off day, and the two days after that. I’m very much looking forward to it, and at the same time nervous. I know that’s freaking ridiculous, but this happens sometimes. It’s like I feel that I won’t get enough “resting” done. Or that all the things that I wish I could be doing whilst I’m slaving away at my computer working, I won’t have enough time to do.

To offset that, tomorrow, I actually want to plan to do NOTHING. I do have to run into the office in the morning, and I do want to watch the baseball game in the evening, but in terms of, like, solid goals…it will be to rest. Hang with the coops. I can do anything that comes to my mind, but I will not hold myself to any goals, and I will endeavor to be as impulsive as possible. I won’t try to clear out the DVR, or map out goals for the month, or set a goal for off-day editing, or any of the stuff. I can do any of those things should the impulse arise, but I will not be beholding to them.

One day. To just indulge. Then, Tuesday, I can make some goals for myself. Namely, tuesday is writing and the finishing of the rough draft of my script. Wednesday, then, is the wondrous day-after recovery day from getting that monkey off my back.

Maybe I’ll read tomorrow. Or post my long-shelved review of Ringworld. We’ll see. But mostly, I’ll probably sleep. That’s pretty much long overdue.

I’ll report back tomorrow!