Day 192: The Cat From Outer Space

Day 192: The Cat From Outer Space

Man, today ended up being far more successful than I’d been afraid it would be.

Here I am, sitting in bed, having done my pages (albeit a couple short, but I opted to help the Ho with an audition instead, and I *still* got four pages cranked out), done my work for the day, calendar-ed out my day tomorrow with some work in the pipeline that might actually help me make up a couple extra minutes…and it’s not midnight yet.

The Coops is currently passed out in his crate, waiting for Liz to finish in the bathroom so he can get his final nighttime treat before bed. It’s a holdover from when he was a puppy and we were trying to get him used to his crate at night. We’d reward him for getting inside by giving him a treat once we’d closed the door. Well, he’s old enough now that we don’t even have the door on the crate, but he still goes inside every night and lies down waiting for his treat. It’s usually the only time of day that he does get a treat. I don’t want to sound like we’re spoiling our dog 😛

We spoil him in other ways, but not with treats.

I just now had an idea for a cool scene, or a scene rewrite for the pilot script. I’m going to go write it down real quick.

Okay, I’m back. One rewrite idea turned into several. I figure at this point, what I’m writing is a stumble-through. An exploration of the story possibilities, and much less of a full-on draft. I mean, I guess that’s really what a first draft IS, but I’m finding that the act of writing the story from point A to B to C and so forth is actually giving me more of an idea as to what those points should actually be, usually after the fact.

So, yeah. A lot of rewriting to ensue. It does make me wonder if my first draft is objectively more scattered and downright shitty on the dialogue side than other, more seasoned writers. It also makes me want to investigate and research how one does get a first draft closer to a REAL draft. At least, with something completely and utterly original. Something based on existing content, with established voices and perhaps even plot, is much easier to write the first time around. I’ve done it a couple times. Harder, in a sense, because you need to match your dialogue and other styles with someone else’s, but definitely easier in terms of “where the fuck am I going?”

This entry has been mostly about writing, which makes me happy. It means that I’m getting my pages done, and that means I’m happy. It just passed midnight, so I think it’s a good place to wrap things up.

I had a couple forays into my childhood today, in between working. The first was a port download of an reaalllyyyy old Star Trek computer game called “A Final Unity.” It was a big deal at the time, 1995, I think. I remember reading all kinds of favorable reviews about it, but almost 20 years later, it’s so OLLLDDD. I mean, computer games were lightyears better than this thing literally just, like, four or five years later. But, this was when point-and-click puzzle games still got people excited.

The second was that I put on one of my absolute favorite movies when I was a kid on in the background while I did my last couple hours of editing: The Cat From Outer Space. I haven’t met a single person in my adult life that has seen this movie, so let me know if you have. But, I freaking LOVED this movie when I was a kid. It’s from that weird period in the 70s when Disney was making these weird in-between live action movies that kind of appealed to young kids, but really had a lot of darker elements for older kids. Not that “The Cat From Outer Space” really has anything dark in it, per-se, but there still is a lot of stuff in it that skews older. I mean, Disney was doing “Escape from Witch Mountain” and “The Black Hole” and that kind of stuff…they really were having an identity crisis in the 70s. But…dude, the movie has a talking cat with a collar that can make you fly. And he has to get his ship fixed so that he can go home, and he helps his human friends win $120,000 on sports betting. I mean, WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE???

That’s all for tonight. I’ll see y’all tomorrow!