Day 199: So much today

Day 199: So much today

Seriously, so much happened today 😛

Nothing like major, or breakthrough, or groundbreaking. It was just a busy day of good stuff. And it’s already 1am, and I have work tomorrow. So. It has to be a quick entry, unfortunately.

I did some apartment stuff, got my haircut, wrote for two hours on my script, had an awesome three hour long talk with Josh about life in general, then came home, crashed for an hour nap, and the Ho and I went to go see Godzilla.

Godzilla was awesome, by the way. Sure, you can’t think about it too hard, and there’s plenty to roll your eyes at with the script…but they get right what they need to get right, and then a little extra. Like, I didn’t hate any of the characters in this movie. You like all of them. I mean, not all of them have super well-rounded backgrounds, or depth and shit. But, none of them are stupid freaking boneheads.

And the effects are legit.

And, all the action sequences are very well chosen. They’re FUN. I don’t mean that they’re just cool – all action movies have cool sequences – I mean that they’re FUN. Like, a train breaking down in the middle of the night in the woods, and walking across a trestle is FUN. In an old-school kind of way. It doesn’t have to be a hyper train in a futuristic city. I don’t know why I singled out that particular moment, but just in general they seemed to have a good sense of space in this movie. That, something happening over there in the mountains of Hawaii can turn into something happening over here by the beach and the airport.

The Ho and I had a few issues, for sure, but I’m telling you. It’s a fun, fun, very well done popcorn flick that is 100% worth shelling out money to go see. And, if any of you yahoos read this thing with any sort of regularity, you know exactly how seldom I make a statement like that.

That’s all for tonight, unfortunately. I had so much more to write about, especially the convo I had with Josh, where we talked at length about Star Trek and finding happiness in our lives day-to-day. But, alas. It will have to wait for another day. It’s too late.

I’ll sum it up with Josh’s articulation of feeling like he’s chasing himself all the time, this version of himself of who he should actually be, doing everything that he should be doing. And, I know exactly what he means when he says that. What I’m starting to realize, is that I should just let that idealized version of myself just go ahead and run off into the distance, and I should instead find that satisfaction in who I am right now, at this very moment. Because if I do that, and commit to putting in my work every day, slow and steady, I will end up passing that sprinting version of myself much faster than I ever thought possible.

It’s definitely a process, and not always easy to do, but I think I’m on the right track. Finding true enjoyment in what I do day-to-day has to be the key to not only consistent, quality work and effort, but overall happiness…right?

I think so. I can feel it starting.

On that note, good night! See you tomorrow. It will day number 200, which is freaking CRAZY ASS SHIT. Work day tomorrow, too, so I’ll be feeling tired, but satisfied.

Till then.