Day 201: Recharging

Day 201: Recharging

It happened a little today. Just enough, methinks, for a productive day tomorrow.

I took the whole day off. I actually enjoyed myself. I hung out with the Coops, and we had a good time.

Took the Ho out to Burbank to pick up her rental car for the trip out to Vegas, which is where she is right now. Probably a bit drunk and having awkward penises being waved in her general direction, flacid, and mopey. As we discussed last night, there is no such thing at a happy flacid penis. It just hangs there, pointing to the floor.

But seriously, the Coops and I were buds today. Did everything together. He’s so freaking cute. He just had hiccups at the foot of the bed, so I stopped writing for a second to give him some tummy rubs, and they stopped. Now, he’s asleep. Tomorrow, in between working all day, we get to go to the Zoom Room for some agility. Liz says he was super focused last week when they went, and we think it’s because he hadn’t gone in a while.

So yeah…tomorrow is a work day. And, I’ve decided (tentatively) on a slightly different work schedule that will accommodate working out with an ideal schedule, so I’m excited about that. And, back to writing every day, which I was super successful with a week ago, but not so much this past week.

Slow and steady. That’s the motto. None of this “getting overwhelmed and burning out” crap that swooped down upon me.

Also, last night, the Ho felt like I was diminishing her contributions to the nose zit excavation, which I should like to amend on the record right now: if you have someone willing to go up into your nose nostril-parts looking for a zit with a flashlight, that is true love. And, that’s what Liz was doing for this guy last night, so big ups to the Ho on that one. Consider the record set straight.

I’m in bed early enough tonight that I might try to get some reading done. Or not. We’ll see.

Regardless, although I can’t say that I feel like I’m fully “back,” from my slip down the slope – I think a full day of work will help that front a lot – I do feel much better than I did yesterday.

I’m off to schedule out the day tomorrow, and the next couple, including mothereffing workouts. I’m ready to do this!