Day 202: Contentedness

Day 202: Contentedness


Today was a good day. It wasn’t a rock star day, to be sure, but it was a GOOD day. And, right now, with the Coops at my feet being all snuggly, 17 minutes of editing in the can, and a scheduled day set up tomorrow…I just feel very content. It’s like the perfect word: content. A mixture of tired and happy.

I do miss the Ho. Big time. Today was day 2 of her Vegas Bachelorette Extravaganza and it looked like she was having a pretty awesome time. I hope so, anyway. The pictures look amazing.

I had a lot less time to be depressed while she was gone this time around because of the working 😛 So, that was a good plan. The Coops and I also went and did agility class today, and we were the only ones there, so it was like a private session. He did freaking amazing. Seriously. It’s been a while since we’ve gone so frequently, and he hasn’t forgotten anything. The opposite in fact. It seems the time away from it has just made him more excited and focused to do it.

I’m texting with the Ho right now, actually. I keep taking little breaks to go back and forth with her. She’s telling me about how she put a condom on a banana at the Chippendale’s show, and she did it really fast. That’s my girl! She also said there were no fully visible pee-pee’s at the show, but they looked small anyway.

Man, that’s about all I have tonight, except to say that I did have a cool idea for a sci-fi version of “Kill Bill” today. A mix of that and this book I read way back when called “Santiago.” Ah! So much to write, right? Right.

More on that tomorrow! And working out!