Day 204: Climbing

Day 204: Climbing

I almost titled today’s entry “blistered,” since that’s how my hands feel at the moment, but then I decided that would be entirely too whiny. And no one likes a whiner, least of all this guy (picture me pointing at myself with blistered hands).

I did some bouldering and climbing today for my workout with Matt, and it did a number on my hands. But, it was still legitimately fun, and though my body continues to ache with the fire of a thousand burning suns, I’m so freaking happy to be doing it. And, I’m not just saying that on the blog to sound like a badass. Number one, if you saw me panting on the ground during these workouts, “badass” would not be the first descriptor on the tip of your tongue. Number two, it’s the truth. I really am very satisfied to be working my body so hard. I enjoy it. It, at least in the long run, gives me more energy, makes me feel accomplished and positive, and is work that I can see the results of.

It did wipe me out for the rest of the afternoon, which means I was passed out when I was supposed to be getting my writing done. THAT does not make me happy, and it’s the second day in a row that’s happened. But, I try to remember this is a learning process, and what I’ve learned is that if I’m working out in the afternoon, my writing and any other work needs to happen BEFORE I work out. At least for the next couple weeks while my body is trying to catch up to the semi-truck that’s slamming into it.

I’m adjusting, however.

Tomorrow would normally be the start of my editing work-week of three days in a row, which is the new schedule to accommodate the working out. I am, however, opting for a true recovery day, and I can definitely get writing into that. Three hours of it, and I’m going to be all caught up. In fact, besides getting some grocery shopping done, those three hours of writing is the only thing that I’m committing to. Some sleeping in, music, time with Liz and the Coops, and writing. That’s it.

It will also give my hands some time to heal a bit. I seriously ripped them up pretty bad 😛 Bad, as in uncomfortable. Not anything other than that.

The Ho and I worked out some wedding stuff tonight, worked on her two audition scenes for tomorrow, and then chowed into these “asian” tacos that she’d got from Blue Apron, that were actually pretty damn good. Then, we watched an episode of Hannibal from two weeks ago. We still have last week’s penultimate episode to watch, and then the finale for this year. I do have to say that I’m less excited about this years’ arc. Some things they’ve done that just haven’t been as engaging as their first run, BUT…I’ve honestly learned that’s normal with even the best of TV shows, and Hannibal is certainly one of the best. They have their ups and downs. Truly genius ideas can come in spurts, and it’s glorious when that happens.

That’s all for now. My A’s are the best team in baseball today, record-wise and in many other categories. Life is good.