Day 205: Six Pages

Day 205: Six Pages

That’s what I just finished writing in the last hour. Six pages.

I definitely find that I write best at night. I really don’t know why that is, but it is absolutely when my creative imagination kicks in, and I can sit down, at least for spurts at a time, and just write.

I decided pretty much right after I wrote my blog post last night that I was not going to try and write three hours today. I’m trying to stick with the do less more often mantra, and just find consistency. Then, or at any point really, if I’m dying to write more I will. Right now, it’s a grind. And so grind it out I must.

I do have to be in the headspace to write. Tonight, it was at 10:00, which is what I had planned anyway. Sometimes, it’s a little earlier.

I find myself fantasizing about being able to have full days open for just writing, not needing to worry about my editing work and where I’m at with that. It’s a fantasy that I’m going to make happen, guys. This month IS going to end with me 100% finished with the editing work I was supposed to finish. It’s gonna happen. Unlesss…I have to do jury duty. That’s coming next week, or at least a half day in the courthouse like it was last time. I really HOPE that’s what it is, anyway. Otherwise, it’s a bust on the editing front. For the extra week in May, anyway. I’ll finish a regular four weeks worth regardless, and who knows, even if I do have to waste a week on jury duty, I can probably figure out a way to make it up anyway. We’ll see.

Stupid jury duty. It’s ridiculous. And, it’s ridiculous because they don’t freaking pay you to do it. That doesn’t make me a horrible American, it makes me a realist. If you WANT people to do something, you give them an incentive. And, right now, the only incentive for me to show up to a wasted week is that I might get thrown in jail if I don’t appear.


I got called in this time almost exactly, to the day, when my two year exemption expired from the last time I went in. I mean, that’s some bullshit right there. I know people who have been in this freaking town for 10 years and haven’t been called in. I’m thinking it’s because I did show up last time, I got put on the list of “oh, this guy is responsible, he’ll show up. Let’s get him in again.”

Okay, end of rant. I know we all feel the same about jury duty. It sucks balls. No redeeming qualities, and it fucks with our income.

I also watched the DVR’d recording I made of that old 2000 classic “Mission to Mars,” you know, the one with Gary Sinese Tim Robbins, Don Cheadle, and a crying freaking CGI Martian. I’d never watched it from beginning to end, just in bits and pieces when I was 18 and working at the video store in Old Town Eureka. We used to play movies all day on the counter TV, you know, to entice people to rent the movie we were showing.

I was a shit show. And, it all makes sense now, tonight, 14 years later. Did you know it was #1 a Disney movie, and #2 based on the ride they were opening that year in Disney World…Mission to Mars??? IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW. No wonder it was freaking shitty. Terrible script, didn’t have any sort of pacing whatsoever, nor did it know what its tone was supposed to be. It was terrible. Not even a bunch of cool space stuff. Just a random meteor shower with a space walk where Tim Robbins take his helmet off and commits suicide.

Spoiler alert, I know. Sorry. Seriously…you’re not missing anything.

Tomorrow is a work day. I’m not in bed quite as early as I’d hoped, but it’ll do. It’s also a workout day 😛 Wish me luck, my hands are still pretty torn up. We’ll see how it goes.