Day 207: 100%

Day 207: 100%

My iPad is so perky right now, it seems. It was baarrreellyyyy hanging on last night when I wrote my blog post battery-wise, and I had to charge my phone whilst I slept. But, I remembered this morning and plugged it in, and here it is, all bright and happy.

I know, guys, I know. Anthropomorphizing my freaking iPad and writing the opening of my blog about it??? Why not just talk about the weather?!

It was nice today. I know because the Coops and I went out several times, including two very nice walks. Thank you for asking.

I’m loopy because I’m tired. Today’s post should actually be titled 200%, because that’s literally the amount of work I got done today. The only thing missing was the workout, which got pushed aside in favor of editing like a mad-man, getting the writing done, and then watching the movie “sunshine” for an hour. It was 10:00 in the evening when that started, and there was no way I had a workout in me.

I’m mildly frustrated about that. It consistently seems that I have room for writing and working out, working out and editing, or editing and writing…but never all three. One of them always gets the boot. I’m going to have to strategize about that. Find a way around it. I have ideas swirling in my head.

See? That’s the beauty of this thing. I confess a shortcoming, feel the shame and the frustration, and then I get to move on to how to fix it.

Like the writing: it wasn’t happening for a week. I anguished about it here, and now I’m on three days of legitimate work in a row, and confident it will be another three days. I had *another* breakthrough today, this time with some pretty major plot points. Like, I can finally see my final act in my head. It’s probably not perfect yet, in fact I’m sure it’s not, AND what I came up with is going to require going back and rewriting several things for continuity-sake…but it felt really good. I’m also *finally* starting to find the voice of my main character. The scene I wrote today was the closest I’ve come to making her as interesting as I want her to be. It was good stuff. And, nothing particular to really indicate it would be such a good day of writing, except that I just sat down and did it for an hour like I’d promised I would.

Editing was magic today, too. A series of lessons popped up in the queue that I knew I could go through pretty quickly, and I did. In fact, I got just shy of twice the amount of finished editing done today than was my goal. Which, before today, I’ve never done. It’s literally impossible, actually, unless it was with these particular type of lessons. They just go very quickly, and I feel very fortunate that I was able to see them when I did. After today, I’m a single day behind on the month. And that, ladies and gents, is VERY doable. A couple hours here and there on my off days, and bam. I’ll be starting next month with a clean slate. Running at 100%.

Okay, it’s time for the sleeps. I’m really tired 😛

See you guys tomorrow. And maybe I’ll have something else to write about than work. Probably not, since it’s a work day, but hey. We can dream, right?

Oh! And the Ho and I watched the season finale of Hannibal tonight. And it was dope. Ended very strong. And Mads is a fucking BOSS as Hannibal Lechter. For reals. So good.

Okay, now the sleeps.