Day 211: Hmmm

Day 211: Hmmm

Not sure what to call the entry tonight. We’ll just have to see how it goes I guess.

I am writing this one on the couch. Liz just came home from a R+F event and was hungry, so I’m hanging out with her in the living room while she watches her seriously favorite #1 show on television, and she’d totally confirm that, 19 Kids and Counting.

Today was a success. Which is a relief. It didn’t knock the editing out of the park like I had hoped, and I only got one scene written, but I have to be happy with that. And, I am.

I’m also set up for a nice finish to this week…finishing. My pilot first draft. A badass month of editing which equals money (and savings). I told the Ho tonight that I want to buy myself something when I finish everything. Something fun. Obviously not too expensive, otherwise what’s the point of working extra to save money, right? 😛 But…something.

We just got faked out for the second time in a row with the show. They do these quick cut scenes before commercial breaks, and its the second time we thought it was one of those, when it was ACTUALLY just another normal scene. Bullshit.

Man, the Benadryl just hit me folks. I took

I don’t know what that last sentence was going to say. I got interrupted by the Coops, who wanted a snuggle, and to tell me that I should move this operation into the bedroom where it belongs. So, I did.

I needed a good day after yesterday, and I’m happy to say that I had it. Tomorrow’s goal is to get the editing I need done as swiftly as possible, and then to have a really, really productive writing hour. That’s the goal. I will feel very, very satisfied to hit that. That first draft is going to feel very good, but man, I’m already looking ahead to getting that SECOND draft done. Making everything more cohesive. Trimming the fat. Making it dope.

Good night guys. A good day, and here’s to another one tomorrow!