Day 217: Nostalgia

Day 217: Nostalgia

Man, I was very, very close to having a not-full day of work done today. But I rallied!

With Deep Space Nine on in the background, so I could listen while I worked, I sprinted down the home stretch and finished.

Part of the difficulty with these work days at the beginning of the month is definitely that it gets broken up with going into the office for rent. I also had a toooonnnn of apartment distractions today. But, I got them all sorted, and I got my work done. It’s a minor miracle.

Same thing is going to happen tomorrow. Keep doing less more often! Not getting behind!

The only thing that suffered today was the writing, but I know this drill. It will happen tomorrow, and I’m right back on track. The pilot will be done this week. As I keep saying…I’m very excited about that 🙂 It’s going to be 100 pages. I know, I know. That means a lot of work still ahead. But, man, it can’t possibly be as hard as getting this first draft out, not knowing where I wanted to go with the story.

Listening to DS9 while I worked was kind of a trip. It’s something I think I could get used to, actually, given that I watched the entire show back in…2005, I think? The summer of that year, it ran on SpikeTV during my lunch break at my campus job…or was it right after? It was right after, I think, because I was working out on my lunch break. Anyway, I watched it all again as a semi-adult, which is to say, that I was able to work and not get too distracted. It’s something different, to mix it up when music isn’t getting it done, to keep my momentum going.

I have to say, it also makes working just more enjoyable. It’s something I can look forward to, you know? The double whammy, getting in some nostalgia…which it definitely is, takes me back to being a teenager…and getting my work done.

The Ho is doing some nostalgia traveling herself right now, via Facebook. She just scrolled through 2009, but I believe it was prompted when Facebook told her that it was her anniversary of joining. I don’t actually remember when I joined…I think it was 2005.

Anyway, it’s time for the sleeps. More work tomorrow. More fun times. I wrote “gun” times and almost left it, but that seemed silly. Yup, that’s all I got.

Nighty night, fuckers.

Tonight’s artwork, as has all the artwork for the past couple weeks, is courtesy of the magical tumblr account 70s Sci Fi Art — tonight’s specifically from this movie, which I apparently now need to go check out because it looks amazing: