Day 218: The Deepest Nine in Space

Day 218: The Deepest Nine in Space

Guys! I have breaking news on the Ira front!

He’s tired…


Sarcasm tonight because I feel like I write that sentence after pretty much EVERY WORK DAY. It is true, but, you know…repetitive.

Whatever. I got shit done like a BOSS today. It’s actually a day to commemorate, because it’s the first day this entire year, I think, that I’m ahead of schedule with my work. Like, I finished today early, and then felt like I could do more, so I did. It felt very, very nice.

Also, I feel, like legitimately feel, that tomorrow is going to be the blog where I get to tell you that my pilot is finished. Tomorrow just feels like that’s going to happen. It’s right there. I can see the finish line. I also get paid in a couple days, and that’s especially exciting because it’s my “savings” paycheck. Ie- I don’t have to watch that money immediately disappear, it gets to sit in my account for a while. Until the wedding, most likely…

I have to get up tomorrow at 6:30am, 6:30!!!, to be in Hollywood in time to work out with Matt. I’m simultaneously horrified and excited. It will be nice to get it done so early in the day. Then, it’s the last of the rent checks to the office, a quick check on the carpets in one unit, and then I probs crashing for about a three or four-hour nap. Then some writing! Maybe watch a movie. Hang with the Coops and the Ho! Go on a walk!

It’s gonna be dope, guys. I can’t wait.

But I *am* going to cut this blog short, since I really need to pass out and sleep.

I will say this beyond the laundry list of stuff done today: I watched more of Deep Space Nine while I was working, and I freaking love it. I vaguely remember the episodes, so nothing is really a surprise and it doesn’t distract me too often. It does sometimes, but only for a few minutes. And, Netflix does this thing where it just automatically starts playing the next episode…it’s just awesome. It makes me feel good. I just have such memories with that show. I was trying to explain it to Liz, and it made me sound bat shit crazy…so that diagnosis is confirmed now…but that show just feels like a warm blanket. The writing sucks, and some of the acting is fucking terrible (I won’t name names here)…but then sometimes the writing is surprisingly good, and the same with the acting. Neither of those two extremes matter to me, however, in the end because I was growing up watching that show. These were characters and stories that I looked up to and admired without question, and I still feel that way about the show.

And, I have to say, I think I might start doing this on the regular. Or, at least, alternate between this and listening to music while I work, but it honestly makes the work hours just fly by. And, today is proof, I was able to get a shit ton of work done while enjoying myself.

Gotta love that.

Night, guys.