Day 220: First Draft

Day 220: First Draft

It’s done.

On Day 220, he finished the first, very very rough draft, of the first pilot he’d ever written on his own.

And, I love it. It’s my baby. Very fragile and unfinished right now, but it is complete. It is out. 108 pages (jesus! right?).

So yeah…I do feel that accomplishment, there’s no doubt. At the same time, I also feel the next step stretching out in front of me, which actually making this draft a real “first draft.” I literally am going to call this the “Exploratory Draft” from now on. Now that “firsts” are out of the way.

That’s a very nice thought. Never again will I have to write my “first” original pilot. I mean, it’s not “written” yet, per se, but once I do finish it to my liking, I can move on, and the next one will not be my “first.” That’s huge…actually. Getting the second one done will be equally as significant, since so many of us finish the first and never get to the second. But then again, more of us never finish the first. And, I’m here right now. And, it feels good.

So that happened tonight. I wrote something like 12 pages in an hour and a half. Some of it is awesome. Some of it is crap. But all of it is done.

Tomorrow, I’m thinking that I’ll spend my writing hour reading it, taking notes. Same thing with the next day. Then, I’m going to let it sit for a whole week, and work on either my short story, or the outline for my novel project before circling back to do the major rewrite. I’m thinking of doing it this way because of some advice I read about letting a project sit for several days before going back to fix it. Really let all the notes you took percolate in your brain. Settle in. And, it makes sense. Finishing a draft is always kind of a monumental thing, really. It kind of takes it out of you when you finish. You need time to recover.

I had a very busy, very nice day today. It was up at the ASS-CRACK of morning to go work out with Matt. He kicked my ass again today. We did this 15-minute spin bike warm-up that had me drenched in sweat before we even started lifting weights. I’ve never really worked on my cardio before, which isn’t even really the point of these warm-ups, it’s much more about getting my “fast-twitch” muscles into shape…so yeah. It’s bullshit. Bullshit that will get me in shape if I keep at it. Which I will ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then, it was right back to the apartment building to do 3 1/2 hours of AC maintenance. We do everybody at once, and it takes time. Then, I ate some lunch, and had *just* laid down to take a nap when the plumber showed up to fix an issue in one of my units. And then, the Ho was home, so we spent time together, I did some lease document stuff, and then we took the Coops on a super long walk, I went and did grocery shopping, we ate dinner, and then I sat down with the trusty iPad to belch out the afore-mentioned pilot script.

And, here we are. I’m sore, tired, but not exhausted or drained. I’m ready for a day of work tomorrow, and hopefully a lease signing. The only missing piece from a pretty much perfect day is if the A’s had swept the Yankees in New York. But, alas, they had to settle for two out of three games. Which I’m totally fine with ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh! Also, I meant to mention it a while ago, but I decided that I wanted to try posting an Instagram photo every day for this month of June. I was doing a lot more posting a while ago on Instagram, and it’s something I really miss doing. So, I decided I wanted to add that little fun nugget to my day. So yeah…check that out if you want.

Okay, ladies and gents. It’s bed time. I’ll report back tomorrow after a good day of editing work. And then, it’s two days off for the weekend! You had better BELIEVE I am going to enjoy that shit ๐Ÿ™‚