Day 223: Sunday Sunday

Day 223: Sunday Sunday

Liz is watching the Tony’s out in the living room.

I didn’t grow up with it, but it is pretty damn cool that we have a form of theatre that survived our country’s rabid capitalism. The Musical has been big business for, what, almost a hundred years now? I mean, that’s pretty impressive. In the face of movies, television, video games…there are still people that turn out in droves for people, in person, on a stage. Something that we’ve done for thousands of years.

I don’t know…it just seems to me that live theatre has such a landslide of odds against it as an art form, and yet it still does exist in a gigantic form out in New York. That’s very cool to me. Even if it’s something that I really don’t know that much about. Musicals, anyway. The only musical I knew about growing up, that wasn’t a Disney movie, was The Sound of Music.

I’m flipping exhausted 😛

Today was a non-stop day, for sure. Hit the ground running, pretty much literally, and didn’t stop till just now. I even got my workout it. Coops did too, with his agility class. He’s passed the fuck out in the living room.

Ended with watching Game of Thrones over at Abbey’s house. Second to last episode of the season, tonight. And, we’ll be out of town for the finale! But we’re going to watch it on my iPad up there after the engagement party.

Oh, Coops got stung on his FACE today by a bee. Or bit. We actually think he was bit, not stung, but STILL. That’s some crazy shit. Poor guy. He was alright pretty quickly, but I felt for him.

A’s played today, and the Orioles third baseman did some pretty shady shit. It’d been building over the whole weekend for him, for some reason. First, he didn’t like the way he was tagged, then they threw at and hit our third baseman, then today, he conked out catcher on the head twice…by accident, for sure, but he didn’t do the courteous thing and see if our catcher was okay, which he wasn’t. Had to be taken out of the game for concussion tests…then, he was pitched inside, not HIT mind you or even intentionally by all accounts, and so he THREW HIS BAT at the pitcher and stared him down. That’s when the cork came of and our bench stormed out to confront the issue. Peeps are saying they’re pretty sure Machado (that’s his name) will get a monetary fine and be benched for a few games. I hope he does. That’s some childish bullshit over nothing.

Anyway, that’s it. I still have to wash up, and it’s sleepy time. Work day tomorrow. Three in a row this week so that I have my work done before we leave to go up north for the engagement party my mom is throwing for our side of the family that can’t make it out to Hawaii.

I’ll see y’all tomorrow!