Day 226: Tunneling

Day 226: Tunneling

Oh, what a productive day it was.

I’m ahead of schedule by quite a bit, guys. Work tomorrow will be imminently do-able.

It’s quite the turn-around from Monday, just two tiny days ago.

There was some good fortune involved, to be sure; some easy lessons, etc. But, it was mostly just sitting down and getting shit done. That’s really the only trick. In anything.

It’s been a couple days without the writing hour, which I don’t like…but, honestly, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed on the writing front. Not in the “mood.” But, it came back today. I’ll do the writing tomorrow, and I’m going to kinda map out getting this second draft done in the next…what is it, 20 hours? 20 days left in the month, or is it 19. 19, I think, actually. No! It’s 18. Okay…18 hours, one hour for each day left in the month, and this thing should be ready to share with my close circle. That’ll be a big, nerve-wracking step, for sure. But, and exciting one.

And then, the novel! It’s called Starstuff. I came up with the original over-arching storyline and characters, and I wrote the outline with the help of a friend of mine. We were going to write it as a screenplay together, but he’s since moved on to other things, and it’s a story that’s really stuck with me. So, that’s what I write next 🙂

Man, then after that…? I think it has to be another pilot. Something non-genre, I think. I’m just not sure what that would be yet. I might try my hand at something that Josh and I were writing together…or perhaps by then a whole new idea will strike me. After that, a screenplay? Who can say. But, it’s going to happen. Slow and steady. After all, I can’t call myself a writer if I’m not writing, right? It can be the hardest thing to do, sometimes.

Coops was especially cute tonight. He hung out in the doorway that leads out to the living room, curled up there, so he could keep an eye to see when Liz was going to be done in the office and come to bed. Eventually he gave up when I sat down to write this thing because that’s when I give him his nighttime treat for going inside his kennel. That dog would shank me in the back for a treat. I know this to be a Cooper truth. But, when he ate his treat tonight, they were in little broken pieces so I had to give them to him in my open hand…and he licked them up so gently, one by one, with his pink little tongue. He’s definitely a sweetheart. A lover, not a fighter.

The A’s beat the Angels today, and end their most recent road trip with a winning 5-4 record. It would have been nice to make that a 6-3 record with a win last night, lord knows we had our chances, but tonight was just a solid beating. We are a better team than the Angels this year. In every facet of the game. That’s a good feeling. If we stay healthy, this team could win 100 games, and that’s very, very exciting.

Random confession: it feels like I have a zit somewhere inside my mustache, ie- if I rub around it, I can feel the tell-tale pain. But, I can’t feel a bump anywhere! I have no idea where the freaking thing is. Not that knowing would really change anything, but still. Who gets a zit that’s un-findable? Me, apparently.

I think that’s it for tonight. It’s now after midnight, ie- time for sleepy sleeps. Coops is licking his crotch, so it’s sleep time for sure.

I will see you guys tomorrow, with the work week finished, and writing hour done. Oh! And a workout tomorrow IS happening. I’m going to haaattteeee it, but it’s happening. You read it here first.

Good night!