Day 227: Packing

Day 227: Packing

Going out of town for the next four days.

The packing has commenced. Generally a more involved affair for the Ho than myself, as is proving true at the moment. She’s taken over the closet 😛

Got all my work done today, very satisfying. Balanced the checking account, which was also satisfying…though I don’t recommend spending too much time with a checking account. They’re always going down. Never up.

Coops is currently worrying about what all this packing means, wondering why this perfectly wonderful night has to be interrupted with signs of the pack preparing for a migration. He likes to stay put, this one. But…he also loves traveling, once we’ve left.

I am very much looking forward to seeing my friends and family up north. A lot of people are supposed to make it, family that I haven’t seen in a few years, so that is very, very exciting. And, home. I haven’t seen home since Christmas time, and that always seems to fly by all too quickly. So will this trip – two days travel, two days there. It’s a whirlwind, for sure.

It’s an odd feeling, sitting here right now completely on track with work, writing too in decent shape…it’s not a feeling I’m used to. I’m used to being behind. I even finished early today, as I’d suspected I would. I took one of those perfect naps after I finished, too. Like, where you really need one, and you fall pretty much immediately to sleep, sleep hard and fast (complete with a dream), and then wake up so refreshed you’re sure you overslept…only to look at the timer you set and it’s 90 seconds away from going off. I can’t even remember the last time I had one of those naps. But, I did today.

Then, the Coops and I went on a walk with Liz. That’s always such a treat, when all three of us can go on a walk. We talked about some wedding stuff. It’s starting to not be so far away, and more like right around the corner. Still some things to get settled. Not a ton of stuff, but important stuff. Clothes, gifts, money, etc.

I listened to, like, five episodes of DS9 today while I was working. A couple weeks ago when I first started doing it, I started mid-6th season, I think. Or, no, I think I started late 5th season and that carried over to the 6th. Anyway, it’s really in the middle of the 5th season where that show really takes off. There is some really good shit in there for the next two years, or so. They really committed to a serialized narrative during that time, and there’s some fun story arcs. But, anyway, I decided I was missing too much of the set-up. I needed to go back a bit earlier to appreciate the full arc. So, I went all the way back to the beginning of season 4 this week, and I’m going to watch from there to the end, I think. Hell, I might even go back to season 3. We’ll see. The first time around, when I was 13/14, I didn’t get into the show until the tail end of season 2.

That show catches a lot of shit, not as much as Voyager, but it does still get flack. And, it’s mostly undeserved. Did they catch quite as much lightning or innovation as The Next Generation? No. But, it was still fresh enough to go places that no other Trek had gone to. It’s a worthy show, even if the writing makes me cringe or laugh pretty damn often. I love it though…as I’ve said on these hallowed pages before. It’s a part of my past that I’m enjoying as a backdrop for my work. I look forward to it.

I’m considering, perhaps, getting a new case for my iPad. It’d be a more intense version of the case that I already have, but it’d be slightly easier to use, and definitely more flashy/sexy. I don’t know, I really want to SEE it first, type with it for a little bit, before committing to that being my little splurge for reaching my work goals. We’ll see. I’m not sure I’m even going to actually buy something. It’s a hard trigger to pull, actually. I’m really enjoying saving my money and NOT lusting after trinkets. This iPad was the last time that happened, and I use this thing every single day. I freaking love it. It was definitely worth the purchase, and I actually made sure I could afford it. Man, was that a hard lesson to learn. Only buying things that I can afford, as opposed to using lines of credit that nearly sucked me into a black hole. Those credit cards, by the way, are legitimately close to being paid off. Two months away from one, and another 8 months from the last one. THAT will be a day to freaking celebrate.

Okay, that’s all for tonight. I feel scatter-brained. I’m going to do some reading, I think. Then sleep. I took Benadryl. That should be kicking in shortly.

Plus, Coops is giving me the “It’s bed time, where is my treat?” look. Can’t leave his highness waiting, now, can we?

Tonight’s artwork is from Moebius, and courtesy of 70s Sci Fi Art.