Day 229: Walking

Day 229: Walking

Today was a day of walking. There’s really no other way to put it.

I have this little gadget, the Jawbone UP24, which is one of those insufferable step counters (which I do check, but isn’t actually the reason I have one of these things). So, I know exactly how much walking I did today, and it was 20,000 freaking steps. An ambitious day is 10,000 steps. So yeah…we did twice that today.

It was a quick walk with Coops in the morning. Then, we went to the wildlife sanctuary with the whole gang, and that was a decent hour and a half of walking (albeit not too fast).

The real kicker was Cooper’s evening walk, where we walked for like two hours around the backroads and then up the main drag of Ferndale. That one was epic. We went with my brother Seth, and my cousin Jeremy who’s down from Walla Walla Washington. I rarely get to see my cousin Jeremy, but I do believe I’ve talked about him on the blog here before. His mom and my mom (sisters, obviously) were always very close, and so our families always spent a lot of time together, especially during the summer, so Jeremy was like the older brother that I never had. He was four years older than I, which when you’re 8, is like a completely different world. And he was always very kind to me. A great person to look up to. And I did. I still do (because he’s taller than me).

Then, mom was home and needed some quick help to set stuff up over at the Town Hall, which is where we’re having the party tomorrow. That didn’t take very long, and then the Ho and I sped over to Fortuna to pick up pizza and a movie. We got one of the Pink Panther movies, the originals with Peter Sellers. Genius. We bought way too much pizza. A good pizza and a half too much. But, Seth was here. And you never freaking know how much that dude is going to put away.

And, now, I’m very very tired. I think I’ll call this one good as an entry. I just took a few minutes to post today’s instagram, if you wanna check that out.

Tonight’s image is from 70s Sci Fi art again, and it’s taken from a screen card from the classic “Robinson Crusoe on Mars.” Yeah…I need to watch that shit now. And, I know it’s on Netflix because I *almost* watched it the other night.

Good night!