Day 230: Engagement Party

Day 230: Engagement Party

Man, today was epic. And exhausting. Legitimately exhausting. In the best way possible.

The party was a thunderous success. Yes, thunderous. Zeus-approved. We had a live blue-grass band with a square dancing caller. My Dad sang a poem he wrote when he proposed to my mom. We had literally 20 pounds of sandwich meat.

There was no way it was going to be anything but a thunderous success. For me, the square dancing was particularly genius. It’s a new-found fun thing to do for me, but it was even more new-found for pretty much everyone at the party, which meant that the Ho and I were the unofficial veterans/guinea pigs. Which we were totally fine with.

Cooper barked whenever we we hooting and hollering. He also spent a copious amount of time with my 5-year-old cousin-in-law Kassie. Such a good, patient dog. Very proud of him.

I got to play catch with my brother a two of my friends at the park in front of the town hall. We all went for a nice walk around the fields of Ferndale. Watched the Game of Thrones finale on my trusty iPad with the Ho when we settled down for a hot sec.

I mean, it was an epic day. I’m freaking exhausted right now. Tomorrow, we drive back down to LA, and “normal life” starts over again. That’s always kind of a mixed bag, isn’t it? On one hand, vacation trips like this are always so much fun, seeing family, doing cool things, go go go. But then, on the other, hand, going home, getting back to your normal grind, your familiar patterns…that’s always nice too. I’m feeling both. It’s so rare that I get to spend quality time with my extended family, it’s been really really nice to do so. It’s also going to be so nice to come home. Get back to writing, working.

Anyway, I’m really freaking tired, so that’s all for tonight. Today was a great day, and I have photos and videos from today that will remind me better than these meager words exactly what a wonderful day it truly was.

Good night guys.