Day 231: Home Again

Day 231: Home Again

The drive home today was going so well, it was going to be about a 10 hour trip, maybe 10 1/2…and then the grapevine decided to spread feces all over that quaint thought. Lane closure for 3 of the 4 lanes…bottleneck city, and a good hour delay.

So, as it turned out, we got home at the 11 1/2 hour mark instead. And I am beat.

Such a nice trip, for reals. Liz and I were going over our favorite parts: the walks, the dancing, the relatives, the friends. It was just a great trip.

It has definitely taken it out of me 😛

Coops was a gangster today. So good. Both the Ho and I also got naps in on the road while the other drove. It was good. Not a drive we like to do as a matter of habit, but manageable with the two of us.

But, it’s nice to be home.

Tomorrow will either be a half work day, or a complete one off. We’ll see how I feel in the morning. Right now, my eyelids are losing a battle with gravity. Which, is what happens when you drive for 12 hours and then lie down to write a blog post.


Tonight’s artwork doesn’t have anything to do with anything, really 😛 It was just a photo I’d saved a while back and never posted, so I am now. I lost the artist or website deets with it, so my apologies to whomever I sourced it from. It’s quite cool.