Day 232: Productive Day Off

Day 232: Productive Day Off

I actually got a lot of stuff done today, for an off day. Or any day, really 😛

I have a plan now for this second draft of my pilot. It might sound a little backwards, but with this explosion draft written, I can break down every scene and create an outline from it. Then, I’m going to fix the outline, down to the number of pages each scene should be. Make sure each scene is getting across the most it possibly can, that everything fits together, and then it’s on like donkey kong for the writing part…which should only take a few hours. I think.

I’m totally excited about it. It feels so clear.

I also got a ton of apartment stuff done; fountain cleaning, drafting up some rent stuff, changing lightbulbs. You know, that kind of stuff.

Right now, I’m going back and forth on whether or not I work tomorrow. It wouldn’t be a full day since I’m working out with Matt. It would have to be a half day. But, I’m also feeling like another day to get things back in order, run a few more errands, clean the apartment, do the laundry, etc. might also be a nice use of time…

I’ve pretty much decided that’s what’s happening. I can then do a full day of work Thursday and Friday, half days on Saturday and Sunday, and then I’m back on schedule. This is what trips up north do 😛

I’m gonna be real, I’m a little nervous about working out tomorrow morning. It’s been a week since my last workout. That kind of stuff kicks you in the ass when you get back in the gym. Ugh. I’m also not happy with how much (or more accurately, lack thereof) weigh I’ve put on. I need to up the diet portion of the program. So, yeah. Whatever. I’m not going to let that stop me. Just show up, right? Right.

I also revisited the idea of getting a new keyboard case for my iPad. It’s looking like I might treat myself to that…only the one I want apparently is out of stock on Amazon, which is where I was going to buy it. And, it’s $30 more expensive from the manufacturer’s site. I’m also seriously considering getting myself a stylus for my iPad that I’ve had my eye on for a while. I really like the idea of taking notes, handwritten notes, on my iPad. Typing all the time isn’t always the most satisfying.

The Ho and I also went to go see 22 Jump Street with Ali. Or, I should more accurately say, I went to 22 Jump Street with the two of them. They went and saw the first movie, and obviously loved it, so it was on to go see the sequel. They would have gone opening night had we not been going out of town. We all agreed that it was very funny. Not as good as the first movie, predictably, but still very funny. I hope they get to make another one, cuz I’d see that one too.

Anywho, that’s all for tonight. I’ll report back on how tomorrow goes. I’m not that sure at all what I’m going to decide.