Day 233: Worked Out

Day 233: Worked Out

Imma be real wit y’all, I was NOT looking forward to working out this morning. But…I went anyway. And, it kicked my ass just as bad as I thought it would. And, I left happy that I’d gone 😛

I do need to make a couple adjustments: namely to my diet. More food. I’ve gained almost no weight in the past three weeks. I have gained strength, but no mass. I’ll hit a ceiling very soon with what I can push if I’m not adding on muscle.

Other than that, got some work done, at some food, watched the A’s reach the top record in all of baseball again, did some writing, some reading, and I’m ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a half day of work. The day shall start with working out. We’re heading down the stretch now to the wedding, which is the unofficial deadline for my rocking new body brought to you by Matthew King and hyperventilation.

Did I mention I almost puked today? Yeah, that happened. And my shoulders feel like they’ve stopped working, but you know, all in the name of “sexy,” right?

I also ran into one of my old Maggiano’s co-workers from back in the day today; Peti Z is what we called him. He also goes by DJ Devil, but he told me today he doesn’t play all that much any more. Just works and works out. He got an earful from Matt about how to lose weight and get ripped. Matt seemed like he was in heaven. They were even talking about sensei’s. This was while I was down on the floor, sweating my face off and feeling like I was going to puke. But, it was at least at the END of the workout, right?

I subscribed in the new year to Analog Science Fiction and Fact on my kindle, and I had been keeping up with it, really. But, I’m sort of “in-between” novels for the next month or so, seeing as I can so rarely seem to get to bed in time to read before sleeping, and so I’ve been catching up on reading the issues. I have to say, I kind of love it. It’s a fantastic barometer for me, story-telling-wise. Seeing what’s out there right now, what other sci fi writers are writing, and where I might fit in. Analog is the same as the old Astounding Science Fiction that launched the careers of Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein, etc. It’s obviously lost some of its cache since the 1950s, but still…it’s been going for almost 100 years now, and it’s cool to see what’s happening right now.

In fact, I’m going to set the blog aside for tonight and go read a short story, or something of the sort on my kindle. And then, tomorrow, gloriousness (and workout pain).

See you tomorrow!