Day 238: Come to Quark's

Day 238: Come to Quark’s

It’s a gonna be a short one tonight 😛

It’s almost midnight, and another busy day tomorrow. Got a solid amount of editing done today. Not as much as I’d hoped, but that’s been the theme for the past week, hasn’t it?

No matter. I’ll just plug away at it tomorrow. Me and the Coops.

He was my buddy today, as per usual. Such a cute freaking dog, as if that was news.

Had Deep Space Nine playing in the background all day today. End of season 4. I remember watching it when I was a kid. All the stuff with Odo and his people, being sentenced to living as a solid human.

I’m older now, and I can definitely hear when the big guns are stepping in to write an episode. The characters are more defined, the dialogue is snappier, the topics of conversation more interesting…that’s all still very much of a mystery to me, I’m afraid. I haven’t peeled back that curtain yet; what makes a script more interesting. I hope it’s a curtain I get to peep behind soon enough.

I know this is really short, but that’s all I have tonight. Tomorrow awaits, and I’m looking forward to it. I may not be as focused as I want to be, but I’m still feeling better, so that’s something, isn’t it? 🙂