Day 242: Bing Bong Boom

Day 242: Bing Bong Boom

I have no idea what that title means tonight…it just happened 😛

Also, tonight’s artwork is amazing. I’ve been holding on to it for such a long time, hoping I guess that I’d actually play tennis one of these days (which hasn’t happened), but tennis on a floating platform? Hellz yeah. Given, of course, that there was some kind of energy force field net to catch you if you slid off the sides.

Work day today. What else is new? 😛

The A’s won today in what was either going to be one of the marquee wins that shows just how tough this team is, or an extremely frustrating loss. Very satisfying to be on the correct side of the see-saw. See, they were cruising towards what looked like an easy win, had one inning where the Marlins were able to string a bunch of consecutive hits together all of the sudden, and we were behind by a run. Losing. Late in the game. And, we had two innings in a row where the bats were completely silent. But, they pulled it out. It started with a Steven Vogt base hit. That dude can HIT. I love him. He’s actually showing this year that he deserves to be at the big leagues, and could perhaps be a plus every day player on the offensive side of things.

So, that was good. The Ho had a bunch of friends over for some R+F stuff and catching up. I was (mostly) squirreled away in the office working, and I got a lot done today.

Okay, this entry is getting cut short. My eyes are wobbling on me right now, and that makes it impossible to type 😛

Tomorrow is more work, BUT, I’ve mapped out exactly how much I need to do, and it’s not that bad. I’ll get there. Gonna try and do as much of it tomorrow as I can, so Sunday can be more of a sleep in type day, with some writing. This draft of my pilot is NOT going to be finished by Sunday, but I’m still pulling for Monday, or at the very least being set up to crank it out over the week (while also writing the first few pages of the novel). It can be done!

Goodnight y’all. This year is definitely the year of the working, that’s for sure. We’re over half way through, and that’s been the overriding theme, hasn’t it? I’m totally okay with that. I have something to show for myself this year, creatively and money-wise. It’s good stuff.