Day 246: Early to Bed

Day 246: Early to Bed

I have jury duty tomorrow morning.

I could write an entire blog about how frustrating our jury duty system is, but I’d be treading on what’s been complained about by all of us ad nauseam, so I’ll restrain myself.

Got my work done today, and hoping this Jury duty stuff is done tomorrow so I can finish the work week on time and have three days off over the weekend, including Friday for 4th of July celebrations.

That’s the hope.

I suppose I do have to prepare for the worst, however. I could get selected for a trial. That would not be good. Would throw off my whole month. I mean, I’d deal with it, sure, but it would definitely be frustrating.

So, it is most decidedly with trepidation that you will find me sitting in the hallowed halls of justice tomorrow morning. At 7:30am. For orientation. Which I do believe is a video they show you in the front of a giant room.

At least I should be able to get some writing in. Last time I was there, I took a nap until after lunch, and then the court adjourned for the day and we were all released. I’m hoping that’s what happens this time around, especially given that it’s a holiday weekend with the 4th of July.

I’m truly excited to start working on the novel. It’s a definite change of pace, and much happier, more adventurous material from the pilot. Don’t get me wrong; writing the dark stuff has been deliciously fun. Sophisticated. Edgy. But, writing a pure adventure story full of excitement and wonder will also be a freaking joy.

Alright, tonight must sadly come to an end. I do have to be up in 7 hours. Little less than that, actually. Ugh.

I’ll report back tomorrow.