Day 252: Back to Mine

Day 252: Back to Mine

Tonight’s entry really isn’t about that awesome album series, but I was just thinking about how today was a nice return to normalcy in terms of what my goals were and what I got accomplished…and that though reminded me of that series from the early 2000s. A series I definitely recommend if you’re feeling nostalgic for those times.

It was a lot of work today, but I got my editing (mostly) done, and my pages done for the writing. The writing is still definitely rusty. I don’t have a real sense of it, whether it’s any good, or not. The flow isn’t really there, and I don’t trust my ability to be descriptive, or whether or not enough fun and energy is being injected into what is happening. It’s been a really, REALLY long time since I’ve written prose…15 years? Literally, the last time I did any of this with any regularity was between the ages of 14 and 15.

I can’t decide if that’s frustrating or not. I’m not there yet, but I might get there soon enough. But…the good thing about writing every day? No time to dwell upon frustration. You just keep on moving forward.

I’m not sure how the whole editing process is going to go with this novel. I’m actually thinking I might not do ANY editing on it, at least nothing significant, until after the first draft is completely done. I mean, by the time I get to the end, I should finally have a handle on my writing style again, right? I think it might come earlier than that, actually. It’s already better now than it was when I started writing The Searchers short story a couple months ago. I’ll bet you I start feeling good about my writing style around the time that they get off the planet in my story. That feels about right. Then, I’ll rewrite for a couple months after the draft is done.

Haven’t made rewrite progress on the pilot, but that’s coming this week, too. The biggest goal is to finish tomorrow’s work day on time with the editing, completely done, and then have the directive for Wednesday and Thursday to get some legitimate writing done. I have a couple days to make up on the novel, but I can do it. And, get my outline in good shape for the pilot re-write.

If I can actually sit down and write for an hour, I should have enough time to work on both, actually.

Man…I just got majorly tired.

Liz watched a documentary today about a wedding videographer going around to interview a bunch of the couples that he did wedding videos for, to see how they were…and she said it was super depressing. The state of happy marriages out there is very dire indeed. We’re both hoping to be one of the exceptions to that unfortunate rule.

Also, the A’s and the Giants squared off tonight in the first game of the Battle of the Bay, and the A’s were victorious in pretty convincing fashion. 5-0, and our pitching staff has only given up 4 runs in the past 5 games. That’s pretty awesome.

That’s all for tonight. See you tomorrow!