Day 255: Back in black

Day 255: Back in black

Mopey tantrum completed!

Today was exactly what I needed it to be. I forced myself to go work out, which was an exercise in pain and humility, but I fucking did it. I took a couple naps that were the necessary kind as opposed to the make-you-feel-like-shit kind. And, I got more writing done than I have on a single day in a very, very long time. And GOOD writing.

Liz shared a link to an article on writer’s block today that I found to be so appropriate to my last couple weeks. It was about how writer’s block is so very rarely the kind that everyone thinks of as “writer’s block,” where you literally can’t write anything. Far more often, it is the affliction of writing, but not writing what you WANT to be writing. Words coming out that feel foreign to your dreams and intentions. Writing that is not RIGHT.

The first kind of writer’s block, I never have. The second kind…well, I’ve had A LOT of that recently. Pretty much since I decided to start writing again. But, guys! That’s okay. I have found my own ways to fight through that and get bits and pieces down that I *am* happy with. More than I’ve been happy with in a very long time.

I don’t think I wrote much about it yesterday, but I was basically feeling like a worthless pile of shit. I hadn’t worked out, I hadn’t been writing, and to boot, I hadn’t even managed to keep myself on schedule editing-wise. But, before I went to bed, I planned out my day today on how to make myself feel better…and although everything didn’t go completely to plan, the end result was what I wanted.

I feel less weighed down, more like myself, and definitely ready for a long, productive day tomorrow. I have to get up extra early, unfortunately, but it’s nothing that I can’t handle. Have some workers coming over to help one of my elderly couples move some stuff in advance of a carpet repair later in the day.

So, on that note, I’m off to sleep now. I’ll try and use the getting up early to get a jump on my day, and then end it earlier than usual. That would be an awesome development 🙂

And then, Saturday I’m spending the day listening to TV professionals talk about their craft all day. Really looking forward to that. For reals. These WGA Foundation events never fail to make me feel like I want to go and write, write, write. And that feeling, my friends, is magical.

See you tomorrow!