Day 256: Ooorah

Day 256: Ooorah

Let’s see…today so easily could have been like tuesday. It had all very much the same markings, the same start-and-stop flow to it. But, it wasn’t like Tuesday.

Almost the entire first half of my day was completely hijacked by apartment building stuff. Stuff that didn’t go as planned in really any sense, and took almost my entire day. I didn’t even sit down to work-work until 4 in the afternoon. That’s more than half my day, actually.

But, I sucked it up, and got work done. More than a half day, actually, and I managed to snag some lessons that should allow me to actually make up for lost time this week.

I also got writing done just now, my three pages, PLUS a overall rewrite where I realized something that just about blew my mind. Are you guys ready for this? Because it actually DID blow my mind, even if it is kind of an obvious realization: scripts are always written in the present tense…and novels are (almost) always written in the past tense. Unless your novel is written from the first person, then it’d obviously be in the present. Well, I’ve been writing nothing but scripts for the past forever, so guess what tense I’d been writing in? Yup. Present tense. And, it was just feeling weird for some reason, and tonight I realized that’s what it was. So, I went back and fixed (hopefully) everything. I also finished my first chapter today. It’s about four days late, which is how far I am behind…but you know what? I don’t care. I’ll make up the pages, just like I’ll make up my editing work.

I don’t know, like just felt a little less dramatic today, and that was a relief. It made it much easier to just go with the flow and keep moving forward. Get as much work done as I could. Shit happens.

The Ho and I watched about 30 minutes today of a 80s horror film called Leviathan as we ate lunch, and it was amazing, as these impromptu viewings of crap movies always are. The impromtu-ness of seeing a cheesy movie playing on one of the movie channels, and then just watching for the hell of it, definitely elevates the experience. One of the things that struck me most about this particular popcorn flick was just how nonchalant the performances were about everything that was happening. I mean, they literally had two dead people coming back to life and melting into each other, and our lead characters for the most part were like, “huh…that’s weird. You wanna get some food?”

Which is all to say, it was amazing.

The Ho just got back from seeing Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and apparently she liked it. That’s a surprise, since we both thought the first one was boooorrrrinnngggg. We were in the minority on that one, but it was boring. Nothing happened! But, this one is apparently exciting. That means I have to see it at some point.

K, that’s all for tonight. See y’all tomorrow after a full day of WGAing and tv-writer-learning!