Day 258: Busy Sunday

Day 258: Busy Sunday

The title tonight pretty succinctly sums it up 😛

It was a busy day today, jam-packed from beginning to end. It all started with taking the Coops out for his morning walkies and feeding him. I listened to this RadioLab short as we walked the morning loop about how people are experimenting with “juicing” their brains with 9v of electrical current, and that focus and learning capacity can relatively significantly increase for short periods of time. That was really interesting. The other side of the whole thing is that it’s extremely untested, at least on a large scale that could give us any sort of quantifiable data, AND that it’s so easy to rig on your own, that people are trying it out on themselves…which can lead to some rather sketchy situations and consequences. One guy went blind for a few hours from doing it. Not good.

Then, it was off to go do something with the Ho for an hour, which we’ve been doing for the past few weeks on Sundays which got us all nice and sweaty. It was damn hot today. TOO HOT feeling for how actually hot it was.

Then, our really good friends Wendy and Dennis came down to see us from Canyon Country and we had Zankou Chicken together. If you’ve never heard of Zankou Chicken, just do me a favor and give it a try whenever you come down to LA for a visit. IT IS LEGIT. Seriously, so fucking good. Their roasted chicken with humus, tabouleh, and garlic sauce with pita bread is one of the most magical food experiences you’ll ever have. “But, that sounds like such a weird mix for roast chicken,” you might say, in complete ignorance. Trust me. It’s freaking magical.

That went on for a solid four hours, which always flies by when you’re in good company having nice conversation, which we always do with those two. They’re kind of like surrogate parents for us down here in LA. Knew both of us before we’d even met each other.

It was time for Coops to go to agility after that, and so we trudged that sweltering walk down the street to the Zoom Room, and we worked with Coops on some new tricks, some tricks he already knew, and then really drilled being calm and polite with another, larger, dog while that dog was getting treats or affection. Coops can get aggro or frustrated sometimes, especially at the Zoom Room, if any other dog is getting the attention. So, we worked on that today, and he honestly did really great. We even had the two of them lying down right next to each other. It was great. Then, we finished the session with some zooming around the course that was still set up to get out his last bits of energy.

Then, I cleaned the building fountain, which really needed to be done, and really wanted to get some extra editing work in, but I ended not having time. I worked with Liz on some audition stuff she has for tomorrow, realized I was hungry, so I walked to Ralphs and got food, ate it, and all the sudden, it was time to wind down and get ready for bed.

So, I did that, laid down, and then spent the last hour cranking out my pages for the day, which felt great. Writing this damn thing is always the last thing I do…and now you’re all caught up. It was non-stop, but a good day. And, it always feels extra good to finish strong with writing, both my writing hour, and this thing.

Tomorrow looks like it will FINALLY be the “normal,” uninterrupted work day that I’ve been so missing. The Home Run Derby is happening tomorrow at 5, and I will probably watch it, but I will make sure it doesn’t throw too big a wrench in me being productive.

We’ll talk then 😉